This post shares a workshop I teach on coping with anxiety, negative thinking or painful emotions using color and artistic movement.




Building coping mechanism for anxiety through color and art

Color is a huge part of our life. We respond to color without even knowing it. As we begin to understand the basic relationship between color, mood and vibration, we build better coping mechanisms for anxiety, stress, depression and feelings of helplessness.

We know we begin to relax as we move outside during stressful times in our lives. A quick walk in the park, a play session in the backyard with our pet or just sitting outside in the sun for a few minutes elevates our mood and clears our thinking.


It’s not magic

The default thinking is there is something magical about being in nature. And… there is. The “magic” though is based more in vibrations within our bodies and the colors in the environment than on just “getting outside”. It’s not really magic… but  our natural response to color in which the earth and all things within it were created.

If flowers had no color would they look as beautiful? Enticing? If the sunlight did not hold all the colors in pure form would it feel as warm and invigorating?


Color application and smiles all around!


Melting fear and anxiety

Jumping into the hidden realms and healing aspects of color we are able to recreate those vibrations when creating art. Feelings of anxiety and fear can then melt quietly away as we use paint, crayon or markers to interact with the vibrations of color

These were the topics we explored during the art experience “The Color of Your Emotions” at Raja Wellness. I had the extreme pleasure of sharing the transformative power of color with an incredible group at Raja Wellness.


Abstract art as therapy

The first workshop in Kentucky focused on the use of color to redirect anxiety or negative emotions. The participants were such an inspiring group of clients from Raja. It was an honor creating with them and exploring abstract art techniques that can easily be recreated in the home environment.

The three hour workshop was held on January 26th. Raja, the host, provided healthy snacks for the break, a well lit and inviting room for the experience and a client base excited to experience a healing practice through art. The participants worked through the presentation of the healing aspects of color and moved into the color experience by creating abstract art works on gallery wrapped 12×12 canvas. 


Health and Wellness Through Art. A three hour workshop exploring the relationship between color and emotion.


Health and Wellness Through Art. Color and emotion joined to create amazing abstract art.


Concentrating on color and exploring movement while embracing new painting techniques.


Painting edges and indulging in color and friendship during the Color of Emotion Workshop


Art is personal


Every workshop is different. The participants that attend are unique with unique and interesting backgrounds and personal stories. A  favorite part of sharing health through art is observing the little conversations that happen, the knowing glances exchanged, the friendships formed. Art. Creativity. Color. The participants brought their personal thoughts and interpretations to create abstract art. Anxiety, fear, and emotional pain does not know age, skill level, or ethnicity. Neither does the creative outlet art provides. The participants discovered new coping skills to employ if they find themselves maneuvering through painful events in the future. THIS is the experience of art.



Abstract painting workshop. Seekers finding their emotions expressed on canvas through color.

I look forward to offering future healing art experiences at Raja Wellness, other alternative healing practices as well as trauma recoervy centers.


Health and Wellness Through Art- The col,or of Your Emotions and color was spread all over the tables!


Health and Wellness Through Art The Color of Your Emotions. A masterpieces created by Mary! What vivid use of color and movement.

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