The “Heart of Spring Collection”  is a great way to stay encouraged, even while we’re in this whole “stay at home” thing. If you’ve organized and cleaned every micro inch of your space and want something to liven up those walls, I’ve got some bright new encouraging art you’re gonna love.


The funny thing about being an artist is it’s never about just being an artist. Creating the painting is the smallest bit of the process. One of the fun parts is dreaming up new ways to display the artwork. Once you’ve finished the painting you want to share how it might look in someone’s home.


To App or NOT to App. That is the question.

There are really cool apps available that allow you to place your work in “spaces”. The apps are amazing and the spaces are gorgeous! All clean and white, or maybe dark and mysterious. Seriously, though. Do YOU live in one of those spaces? Yeah. Me neither.

It feels a bit dishonest when I’ve attempted to show artwork staged within one of those apps.


The State of Greige

I live in your typical builder grade condo right now. It’s cute and quaint and anything but light bright and airy. Plus the walls are a deep shade of depressed greige.

Maybe you’re feeling that same shade of depressed greige also. “Stay at home” bleh is no vacation, nor for the faint of heart. Trust me, there have been days my heart has been pretty faint!  Pushing through to clean, organize, style, ANYTHING is better emotionally than caving in and buying Netflix to binge!



Making it pretty

The “Heart of Spring Collection” was completed a week or so ago. I was then ready to get to work on “making it pretty”. Even if not a single piece sold I NEEDED those pieces to have a pretty place to be photographed.  In spite of the greige walls and lack of light, there had to be a way.

So my brain began running through everything I had in the house, in the garage, in the completely full need a second one, storage unit. Pieces began to assemble and disassemble in my mind like toy soldiers lining up for inspection.

The first challenge was to tackle the greige walls. Ugh. I knew last year I had purchased a sheet of paneling from Lowes to use for flat lay styling. It has that farmhouse vibe to it. Even though I don’t LIVE in a farmhouse, the “Heart of Spring Collection” has a nod to that style. So, background… check.

Hmmm. Farmhouse.  I can go with that. What else do I have? A dough bowl. Actually, I have about four of them. Yep, overachiever here. Now what do I put in the thing? Do you know how many amazing dough bowl vignettes there are on pinterest? I might have made an entire board of them… Ahem.. anyway.

After perusing dough bowl magic I came up with a decent collection of items to display in the bowl.



Scrappy made easy

Some things in life I just need to be easy. Like, hairstyles. Color schemes. Art supplies. The space I use to take photos. That space is the same space I create in. No reason to haul the lighting and props all over the house. I mean unless there is. But mostly… there isn’t. This made it easy to decide where I would set up and shoot the artwork.

There are tons of artists who hire professionals to shoot their artwork in professional studios. I think that’s awesome!! I’m just not one of them. Maybe someday. For now, I’ll continue to lug stuff around the house and work out where the best natural light is or use the lights I have. It’s kinda humbling to be scrappy. 

So scrappy means the pics happened in the same room that all the paint and mess resides. On a vintage “desk” table thing with half a piece of white washed paneling nailed to the wall and supported underneath with a portable plastic file holder. Not even kidding. The rest of the room? Yeah, we’re not talking about that today.

Yep. That’s the nitty gritty, down and dirty behind the scenes of making a pretty place to take pics of art.


Choose Joy


Bring home “The Heart of Spring”

Now, about your walls. If I can make something dark and depressing greige seem light and happy, you can too. Even when we’re stuck at home in the SAME four-ish walls everyday. Maybe one of the “Heart of Spring” pieces will help you brighten up a dreary spot. You can find all the pieces and MORE in the shop!

I’ll share the dough bowl creation in another post in a couple days. In the meantime take a look at the other pieces available in the collection. The Minis are pretty cute too!!

You can also “pin” these images for color inspo!!!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!!! 



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