Color is such a huge part of my life. Obviously. Right? I had the extreme pleasure of sharing the trans-formative power of color with an incredible group at Raja Wellness. The first workshop in Kentucky was a major blast! When you find a group of inspiring people AND you have the honor of creating with them it’s pretty much the best evening ever.

This was a three hour workshop held on January 26th. The food. The color. The laughter. The amazing abstract art created. Let’s just say these pictures are a small glimpse of this beautiful creative bunch!

Health and Wellnes Through Art. A three hour workshop exploring the relationship between color and emotion.


Health and Wellness Through Art. Color and emotion joined to create amazing abstract art.


Concentrating on color and exploring movement while embracing new painting techniques.


Painting edges and indulging in color and friendship during the Color of Emotion Workshop

Every workshop is different. Seekers that attend are unique with super interesting backgrounds and wonderful stories. BUT my favorite part of sharing health through art is observing the little conversations that happen, the knowing glances exchanged, the friendships formed. Art. Creativity. Color. These bring people together in astounding ways. Age does not enter, skill level is not an issue, ethnicity doesn’t matter. Only the focused creating of individuals discovering their unknown potential. THIS is art.

Color application and smiles all around!

Abstract painting workshop. Seekers finding their emotions expressed on canvas through color.

I’m looking forward to the next class with Raja Wellness happening Feb 10 from 1-4. Another Health and Wellness Through Art Workshop – The Color of Your Emotions.

Health and Wellness Through Art- The col,or of Your Emotions and color was spread all over the tables!


Health and Wellness Through Art The Color of Your Emotions. A masterpieces created by Mary! What vivid use of color and movement.