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Welcome to November


Happy first Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration in November!!!

We stopped in Target this morning on the way to The Raven’s Palette. My thinking was “Oh! The Target Starbucks won’t be as busy on Sunday morning as the Barnes and Noble Starbucks.” HA!!! Boy was I wrong! It seems we have completely jumped past Thanksgiving and straight into Christmas! WOW! But hey… at least I had fun chatting with everyone while we were standing in line!

I can def say though, Instagram is a lovely mix of fall inspo AND Christmas inspo. I’m just not ready to go there yet. SO… Here are the 3 photos that grabbed me this week! And just so’s ya know… a couple of these photos stopped me IN MID SCROLL as I was actually visiting the lovely gals entire grid! Sometimes they just jump right outta the squares!

Can You Resist this Face?


Sheep | Baby Sheep | Lil Lamb | Big ears | White fleece | www.sandykayemoss.com

Dawn from Lazy O Sheep Ranch @dawnaurorashaffer


Lamb | Baby sheep | White lamb | New life | Barn animals | www.sandykayemoss.com

Dawn’s little sweetie from Lazy O Sheep Ranch @dawnaurorashaffer


Dawn’s Insta @dawnaurorashaffer is all things farm fabulous!! She is just as amazing as her little sheep farm in PA. I adore following along as her kiddos grow, her sheep perform their silly antics and watch her spin beautiful yarn for her etsy shop!! I love that she shares REAL farm life, not the prettified, perfect, romanticized world that Insta can be so full of. Dawn has a huge heart for her sweet fam and her fleecy flock. And ya know? I can almost smell the sweet scent of the hay in these photos. Let’s just take a moment here and visit with her on that grid… Just a minute to breathe in the fresh air and love on that lil flock!!!


Sunday Insta Inspo in Colorado!


Jody in striped pants | cute yellow purse | how to wear stripes | denim jacket style | fashion photography | www.sandykayemoss.com

Jody from @jtouchofstyle looking fab with that pop of yellow!!


Stylish Women, | Over 50 Style | Fierce at any age | Three ladies in awesome sunglasses | Cute Cardigans | Fierce is the new black | fashion photography | www.sandykayemoss.com

Jody and Her Stylish Crew


Ok, I’m cracking myself up here… Continuing the “sheep” theme.. I guess!! Jody from @jtouchofstyle is one of those stylish women you see and go… wait.. THAT’S thrifted shopping on a budget? How in the world??!! Jody is just another word for CHIC!! Seriously!! And how about those photos? Can you believe her dear hubs is the photographer?

So let’s just recap…

Drop dead gorgeous style ü

On a budget ü

With killer photographs! ü and ü

Oh! Did I mention she loves to knit?? Hmmm, maybe I should intro Jody to Dawn? The sweetest thing, that I love and am secretly jealous of… is she and her mom do this awesome style thing together. Isn’t that the most endearing thing ever???  But in the mean time!! Visit her squares!


THIS Stopped my Scroll Instantly!


giraffe art | annie troe art | annie troe giraffe | fine art | art licensing | www.sandykayemoss.com

Annie made me LOL at this adorable face! @annietroe


I can’t even y’all!!! Annie Troe at insta @annietroe had me laughing out loud at this face! She is a super talented artist that licenses her creations to companies for their products. Ya know, like bedding and dishes and house stuff. BUT she also creates arts for purchase. I will say Annie is one of the most diverse and talented artist in the industry today. But ya know what else? Annie is also one of the artists that helps new artists find their way in the world of licensing. She has the biggest heart and sweetest smile around. Annie’s squares are filled with happiness and fun. Ya gotta pay her a visit!

Now Go Share… YOU!

Woop!! I hope you enjoyed the Instagram Inspiration for today!  Can you believe we have SO MUCH inspiration in our lives? How did we ever survive without Instagram? 

Have a fabulous week and go share YOUR INSPIRING SELF with the world!





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