Online Creative Resources



There is a jungle of creative posts, podcasts, videos, sites… out here in the {www} world.  Goodness the choices are never ending with some being super informative and others just …MEH

You may look at this selection of videos and websites and think, “what in the world? I thought this was some kind of art blog thing! What is all this mess doing here?” And I can certainly understand why you would ask that question. The easy answer is.. I’m kinda obsessed with “brain” stuff because I’m totally obsessed with the {WHY DO WE LIKE ART?} question. I believe art is worship. And worship is a choice and choices happen, as far as I can tell, in the brain. SO, brain videos it is. And art videos will come along soon!

I’ll add to this list as we go but here are a few of the gems I’ve found and often revisit for a fresh perspective or a kick in the pants… which ever is needed most!

Brain Rules is the brain child of Dr John Medina. His info is also astounding and applicable. Just watch as many of his videos as possible!



Speaking of being bored… I shared this video last year on the blog and this is as good a place as any to plop it in again! Tell me if you relate!! Somehow… this so reminds me of The Greatest Showman.



And a quick TEDx Talk on the state of “flow”. The incredible place the brain settles into when you are creating. When time stands still, sound is silenced and all the world is hushed as you experience… participate in… ~art



Dr Daniel Amen has studied the brain for a super long time. His discoveries have lead to the healing of brain injuries, patients with PTSD as well as working with Dementia patients in reducing the affects of the disease.