Mindfulness is recognizing the moment your in. The sounds, environment, sensations, emotions… everything that is happening around you.

It’s that idea of “Be still…”

This is a broad topic here on SKM. I’m going to bounce all around it as we explore mindfulness, flow states, art as therapy, and healing from trauma.

Joy and grace are firmly planted in the experience of mindfulness.

Strap in. It’s going to be a fantastic ride!

The Purpose of Color in Our Lives

The Purpose of Color The purpose of color is to communicate. Color tells us that brightly colored frog is super poisonous, the specific order of colored rings on a snake identifies it as poisonous or not AND which team on the field we want to cheer for. It also lets...

Health and Wellness Through Art

Health and Wellness Through Art is a course I've been quietly working on. OR not so quietly if you follow me on Facebook. We have so many components to our lives, our attention is divided constantly. Heartfelt conversations seem to be becoming a thing of the past....

Art for 12 Minutes a Day Improves Brain Function

                                                                                                                                                                                         *This post contains affiliate links Art has this incredible way of boosting...