Merry Christmas! 

Christmas is all about wishes!

“So this is Christmas”… as the song goes… and yes. It is Christmas! All grand and glorious and color-ful. The bittersweet mingled with joyous. How can one holiday encompass so many emotions! If you’re like me, you experience them all… 

I have wished for you this Christmas… for my friends, my family, to those I partner with in business… online and off…

I have wished for you…

  • JOY in the middle of difficulty
  • COURAGE while walking through sadness
  • PEACE within deep sorrow
  • LOVE in spite of indifference 
  • IMAGINATION without end


Pine cones and an antler in an antique box

Christmas Owl with lights keeping watch over the front porch

Antique tool box serves as a keeper for the Christmas star

Decorating for Christmas in the snow.

A wreath of pine bent twigs and pine cones to welcome visitors

Merry Christmas and many abundant blessings for you and yours on this day we celebrate as our dear Savior’s Birth

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