Create your life with joy and grace, instead of living by default. Default living is just making a living. Nothing more nothing less.. Just gettin through the everyday/

Living your life with joy and grace is a life rooted in making an impact on the the world around you… starting with impacting yourself through self discovery, encouragement, playfulness, courage and living fiercely.

The Choice

Pursuing joy and grace is a choice. It is intentional. Joy and grace don’t just happen. Life is journey that can be carefully honed by decisions and actions. Actions that lead to despair and loneliness or hope, joy and grace.

This category- Life, is to help you with decisions, choices and actions.  Encouragement to walk into the everyday with focus, joy, grace, and creativity.

Instagram Sunday- Finding Insta-spiration!

Instagram Sunday- Finding Insta-spiration!

  Sunday can be one of the most inspiring days of the week! Afternoons especially! Its just a great creative boost to find a sunny spot and dive into Pinterest, Instargram or some yummy magazines! SO!! Find your sunny spot, settle in and we can share some of the...

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