The space we live in… our homes’ interiors, no matter how grand or humble, have the opportunity to explode with joy and overflow with grace.


The spaces we inhabit are personal and reflective but I believe they must also be welcoming. Compelling. Compelling friends, family and neighbors, even strangers to visit. To seek shelter from a world of difficulty. To know they are invited to settle into a space of peace.


I don’t think extravagant furnishings or trappings are necessary to accomplish a sense of hospitality. In fact, Romans 12:13b in The Message says to “be inventive in hospitality”!


Let’s get as inventive with our interiors as we possibly can!


“Hospitality is about your heart not your house.”

Simple Spring Tablescape with Colorful Family Pieces

    I think tablescapes should tell stories. AND I think the best way to tell a story is by pulling from the past and the present. Creating a simple spring tablescape tells two stories. One... spring is finally here! Two... It's time to use lighter colors....

Green to Blue for Fall!

  I love our new little condo-ish place we are living! It's the perfect size at the moment plus yard work is all taken care of! If I want to pull in some plants I can pop them into pots and be good to go! One of the things I knew right away was the bright funky...