Instagram Inspiration, totally what I’m talking about here. Stopped in my scroll! That’s what happens when you get completely inspired – as in shut your mouth wow! I know we all adore IG and scroll for the latest most inspiring photos.

Some of those photos are downright breathtaking… Literally making me catch my breathe! You know what I’m talking about RIGHT???

The photos that grab ya and pull ya right into someones life.

These 3 did just that for me this week. There were tons of others but… these… they just caught me!


Can We Just Start Here with Coffee? 

Yellow door,Welcome home, Farmhouse table, Something wicked this way comes, Instagram inspiration that stopped my scroll |

Crissy from @jandcfarmdsignandfinds

Crissy is the most charming hostess!! I mean, you can just tell by the endearing way she engages with her readers! And the treasures she creates… oh. my. goodness!!! Just stay on her IG for a hot minute and yep… We should totally visit her and share a cuppa!! Really! I’m sure it would be okay!! 😉 Just hop over to her Insta @jandcfarmdesignandfinds 


Instagram Inspiration with Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes | Siamese Cat on Blue Rug | Instagram Inspiration That Stopped My Scroll |

Tara’s cat, Lucky. from @bohocoloristafinland  

Seriously… could you just scroll past the most beautiful eyes on Instagram? Nope. Just nope. Me neither. To be fair… Tara, on the other side of the world, in FINLAND, has the most color filled, fabulous grid in the grid -o- sphere! But one look at those eyes and how could I NOT stop the scroll? I just so want to scoop him up and give him hugs!! Pretty sure he would protest but it would be worth it! You do need to check out her lovely BOHO home. IT IS TOO DIE FOR!!!! And she is fabulously budget conscious! Run over and indulge in her color-filled glorious space!! @bohocoloristafinland

Just in case you need a smidge more Instagram Inspiration check out this post!


Black and White Instagram Inspiration

Black and White Tapers | White pottery | Black and White Vase with Flowers | Instagram Inpiration That Stopped My Scroll |

So much to love about Kim’s black and white happiness! @beneaththeoaksandivy 

I can’t pass a charming black and white anything! Instagram inspiration snags me every time with black and white. Kim has put together the perfect balance of color, black and white. Not to mention she has the most adorable Doxie!! I knew I liked her the moment I saw his sweet face! I mean… a Doxie!! Named POGY!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥  Be still my heart!  Ok enough Doxie gushing 😉 Kim’s grid is full of quaint home vignettes and POGY photos! I can wait while you run over and look. Really. GO. And send POGY my love!! This would be the perfect time to take a scroll through Kim’s grid!! @beneaththeoaksandivy

I hope you are as inspired as I am by these amazing Insta grids! I think I can power through the week now with a little inspo in my creative tank.

Have a fabulous week and create something incredible!




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