Merry Christmas! Isn’t it fun to “pretend we’re the oldest and dearest friends”??!!!

And really what kind of Christmas would it be without “You’ve Got Mail”? The charming Tom Hanks and delightful Meg Ryan… When Starbucks coffee was only 2.95 and little shops were closing as new and exciting big box stores opened. Of course, today, those big book stores as well as tons of other brick and mortars are closing because of Amazon. Hmmm…. and time marches on!! Which I truly adore.

I think 2020 is going to be the most incredible, creative year yet!! I’m ready to get started! I’m ready to “pretend’ until what was pretended becomes reality! We need more adventure! More play time and more creativity!! How about you?

And yes, I’m sitting here at this very moment with “You’ve Got Mail” playing in the background. On repeat, I might add!

So here is a peek at some of what’s going on with art table. About the only thing missing from the table are the M&M’s I just inhaled!!




table with art supplies


art paper with paint




painted flowers on paper


I’m going back to the things I love as I go forward into 2020. Some of those things are creations I wanted to offer, to share… things I had not been brave enough to pursue. I had not been brave enough to offer. In the end, all I have done is cheated others of hope. Joy. Relationship.

I’m starting here. Now. I’m starting with things I adore. People… YOU! That I adore sharing with.

This means new things for 2020. Online classes. Art Journals. Color!! Creativity. Beauty and collaboration.

Welcome to this new decade. Let’s pretend! Play! Create!!! 


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