I know. You feel your stuck in a mundane colorless life. I know it’s hard to believe that after living life this long, there might be, there could be, something more.

I know that thought you have, the one that dances around the edges of the brain. That one little thought can be so stinkin loud at times you wonder how no one else hears it.

I know.

A couple days ago a video “short” rambled across my Facebook news feed. * how did we ever find cool things before Facebook?* Of course, because it’s animated, I had to watch it. The first few frames are way cute. And then. Quietly. The reality of this “short” crept up on my conscious mind. (you know that’s how the best videos work, right?)

I want to share this. Here. Today. I watched this story unfold and felt the tears sneak in. 

When creativity, joy… disappear. When grace seems nowhere to be found. Despair and emptiness are the only company you keep. YOU must step in. YOU must create. YOU must choose, no matter how hard it feels, to pursue creativity.

You can leave the colorless mundane void and step into a world filled with joy, grace and glorious color. The world truly needs YOUR color.

Art- is a verb. 



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