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Have you ever thought about choosing a color for your week? There are a ton of inspirational thought leaders in the world encouraging us to set an intention, choose a word, explore a vibration… gosh so many options!! I’m always up for options!!!


One More Option- Color!


So… I’m just gonna throw one more into the mix! What if we decided to choose a “color” for the week? Not the month but just the week. And now you’re thinking… yep. She’s lost it. Cuz I seriously need ONE MORE THING TO DO!!! Okay. I get it.. Just hear me out.

Think about it this way. You’re cruising through Instagram land. Taking it all in… Suzi’s cute littles, Annie’s adorable giraffe painting, scenes of pretty farmhouse design with muted tones… and ya keep scrolling. But then. THEN into your grid strolls a photo from “Nothing is Ordinary“. Your scrolling stops, finger paused in mid air. The color. The Images. The immediate desire to just stare at this photo on your device.

THAT’S the power of color. I will argue… either your soul needed that pause to help you breathe or your heart was longing for color beyond the box of crayons you’re coloring your world with. Or maybe, just maybe, the eyes and brain were captured by the place you were in at that moment and the colors and images resonated with you. OR there are a million other reasons.




The point is. Color is on earth to encourage us, dance with us, captivate us, propel us to greater destinies, and ask us to explore just beyond the end of our self imposed limits. Yep… color is more powerful than we think.


There’s a Color for That!


Now back to choosing a color for your week. What are you doing this week? What are your plans. What do you WANT to do this week. Guess what!!!! There’s a color for that!! Not even kidding!!

I’m not suggesting you run to your closet and pull out all the red clothing to wear this week cuz you want to power through your week. I mean, ya can if ya want but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. 

I’ll share a little bit of brain stuff with ya. Cuz ya know, “I’m all about that brain, that brain”… great now I have that song stuck in my head. 

Moving on… When you make a decision to do something or pay attention to something, and ya might get a lil peeved at me here but just hang with me.. All this chatter about “the law of attraction” while super interesting and fun… is brain stuff. Not magical universe stuff. When you choose to purposefully think about something. Daily. And if that something is connected to a strong emotion for you, your brain says.. “Ok! You want to see #allthethings related to this piece of info”. PLUS! If this something is connected to a strong positive emotion that’s like putting the thought on steroids where the brain is concerned. The brain is an organ that operates on chemicals that are released based on emotions.


Happy Emotions = Powerful Thoughts = Good Chemicals Released.


Watercolor flowers, pink, blue, red with green leaves

Colors and Thoughts and Vibrations! Oh My!!


I know, what the heck does this have to do with choosing a color? OK OK OK!.. It’s getting good y’all!! Thoughts and emotions are more than just chemicals. They are vibrations. Seriously. VIBRATIONS! And COLORS are vibrations! The very makeup of color is how fast or slow energy vibrates.

If you choose to think about the upcoming week with excitement and joy. WAIT… Back up… if you choose to think about MONDAY with excitement and joy… and THEN choose to think about the week with excitement and joy your brain will find ways to accommodate and maneuver you toward MORE excitement and joy! Now, the color thing. If you are choosing to focus on excitement and joy… and think about the colors that give you a sense of that joy and excitement and choose one of those colors for the week… BAM! Your brain will show you that color all week reinforcing your thoughts of joy and excitement.

I know!! Right??!! BRING ON THE COLOR!!!! 


pink mixed media flamingo


Choose the Color… BE the COLOR… LOL   –my best hypnotic voice there


What would this actually look like? Let’s say your a planner girl. When your creating your spread for the week, lean predominantly on the color you choose for the week. Pepper in harmonious colors with your colored pencils or markers or stickers. Think of it as decorating a room, dominate color surrounded by coordinating pieces.

If you are more into fashion, choose a piece for everyday of the week that represents the color you chose. You do not need to go head to toe in canary yellow. Or fire engine red. A pair of ear rings, a cute bag, cinch the waist in a belt of your color choice. Just make is easy and fun!

How about taking it even a step further. Can you bring your color into your diet? Purple cabbage? A lovely Squash Soup? The more color you add to your diet the healthier your meals become. So go ahead get creative here!

Let’s take that creativity even further! Do you have a painting class in your area? Sign up! Taking the next step with your weekly color by painting with it totally increases your emotional level! There is a direct path from the hand straight to the brain! Any time you can engage the hand and the brain at the same time your brain goes into overdrive. Way more than eye hand coordination stuff! The simple act of painting decreases the chances of developing memory diseases later in life. AND increases the brains ability to function while color helps to heighten your emotional experience! It’s a win/win!!


Paint palette with orange blue and red paint, paint tools, painting of flowers in vase

Embracing the Treasure You Are


There is always something powerful about surrounding yourself with the colors and scents that validate the real you. Not the you other’s have decided you should be. The super REAL you. Choosing a color for the week can begin to help uncover the treasure of you. If you do this for a month… 4 colors.. one for every week of the month, you will have a glimpse into your heart and soul. You’ll begin to see a lovely pattern appear that describes where you are at this moment in your journey.

What would happen if you could do this for a year? How many new colors would you discover?  How many desires would have walked up and tapped you on the shoulder asking for the next dance?

If you decide to choose a color for the week let me know!! I would love to share your color choice and how you welcomed it to your schedule!




watercolor flowers with words overlayed


mixed media flamingo

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