Finding the Fire – Art as Therapy Clinic

“Finding the Fire” Art as Therapy Clinic gives hope, meaning and tools for those who are or think they may be struggling with PTSD, C-PTSD, compassion fatigue, l and social isolation.


This art clinic addresses each of these difficulties by working with the brain and its natural ability to heal from trauma.


A clinical diagnosis is not necessary to participate in this clinic. Each of these heartbreaking experiences affects not only those struggling to heal but friends and family members closest to them.

Families can undergo drastic changes when a traumatic situation has occurred. Each person in a relationship with someone dealing with the aftermath of trauma will be subject to difficult emotional, personal, and mental changes.


Opening Doors

Finding the Fire is the signature Art as Therapy Clinic that opens the door to healing past trauma and present difficulties.

The multi-step process uses simple, straightforward expressive art practices that allow the brain to stop the fight, flight, and freeze scenario.

The participant is not instructed to “draw”, engage in talk therapy, create from a place of void or stare at a blank canvas wondering what to do.

An environment of safety and support is created as the participant is encouraged to quietly follow simple directives while working alongside the instructor.


Creation process

The process is completely instructor lead allowing the attendee to gently move from one process to another.

Basic skills for this clinic are the ability to use scissors, hold a pencil and small paint brush and use tracing paper to trace.

A very short introduction of how the brain processes trauma and why this program offers ongoing healing is given at the beginning of the clinic. Family members of those suffering from the effects of trauma are encouraged to participate in a separate Finding the Fire Art as Therapy Clinic.

If the family member experiencing a trauma response is not interested in attending, this clinic helps defeat the possible feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness experienced by the family.

abstract artwork man running


Judgment free zone

“Finding the Fire” Art as Therapy Clinic is an hour and a half clinic focused on unlocking the dungeon doors of trauma and social isolation by utilizing expressive arts.

Self-discovery is the catalyst that removes attendees from judgment associations and fear into freedom, renewed passion, and peace.

Each participant’s creation will be a unique reflection of their own style, taste, and beliefs. Paintings are NOT intended to recreate the instructors’ example.






Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Relief and Recovery Services


Dear Sandy, 

When Dr. Carden mentioned to me that you had reached out to her wanting to do something for the survivors of sexual violence that we encounter every day here at Silverleaf, I was so excited.

Not only was I happy to be able to give survivors an opportunity to create something beautiful, but I know the healing powers that art can have. What I didn‘t know was how much it would affect me. 

You have such a kind, beautiful way of speaking to people and you immediately made everyone feel comfortable.

We had differing levels of artistic ability in the room, but your Finding the Fire Art Clinic made it easy for everyone to create something beautiful, unique, and meaningful to them.

You instruct just enough to point us in the right direction and explain the importance of each step. I love that each step engages a different part of the brain, which you truly begin to notice about halfway through the project (or at least I did). 

I have heard nothing but positive remarks from survivors, staff, and volunteers who attended the clinic, and we are already planning to have you return.

There are so many different capacities in which this clinic could be utilized and be truly meaningful to its recipients.

You are an amazing soul. I am thrilled that we were able to connect, and I look forward to the next time.

Emily E Neel

Director of Operations and Community Engagement, Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Relief and Recovery Services

“Finding the Fire Art Clinic” provided the space to allow my feelings of pain to be processed without cognitive recognition.

During the session, I was able to relax and enjoy the artistic process. Once complete, I was able to reflect on the image, which clearly evoked the hidden trauma within, releasing itself as in expression in art.

Stephanie R

Participant “Finding the Fire Art Clinic”



Clinics are in-person events with a maximum enrollment of 12.

All materials are supplied in the kit provided. Supplies are also provided to complete two additional practices

along with an outline of the process for at-home use.

Please call Sandy Moss for further information.