what better place to plant flowers thatn along side a busy highway in Kentucky! www.sandykayemoss.com


We drive. That’s what hubs and I do on Saturday. We drive. He pulls up the map and decides on a general direction. We hop in his little car and we drive.

Why? Because we want to experience this beautiful place we live. Because he is cooped up in an office all week, and then his office here at home, or in some motor pool at work… or some crazy basement turned office on post. Basically, he is inside all week. 

Me? I go because the scenery refuels my creative brain. Like hubs, I am in the house most of the week. Studio time or computer time all day, then dinner, then back to studio or computer. And I love it! I truly love it. BUT. A set routine is the absolute killer of creativity.

The farmhouses we discover on weekend drives. www.sandykayemoss.com

So. We drive. The fields and farmhouses unfold in front of us, like watching an old black and white movie. Many of these farms have been in the same family for a hundred years or more. The history they whisper as we speed by is not lost on the blacktop. The old barns standing in shadow of the new sleeker metal barns, perfectly happy just to still be there. These old barns often house the tractors or various other equipment … some of it antique, once used to lay in the crops.

I’m always eager to get back at the creating after these drives. The things we DON’T see from the car are as real to me as the things we do see. Things that are right there, just out of site.  The rooster that crowed just before we drove by. The old pitcher filled with wild flowers plopped on the wooden stool outside the back door. Rain boots covered in mud from the trip to the barn to check on the horses during that last downpour.

Just something about black barns in the fields of Kentucky. www.sandykayemoss.com

I see these things, as real as if I had walked that path. I see them because I  grew up on a farm. A farm with chickens and goats and roosters you couldn’t take you eyes off of because they just might flog you! And because I see these… I paint these.

Wildflowers. Always the most delightful and haunting of flowers. Lasting only a few weeks but determined to return. www.sandykayemoss.com

I’m putting together a small collection to release later this week. A collection that pulls me back to a bit of history. A bit of history from where we live now, in Kentucky and a bit from the place I knew as home as a child.  I grew up on a small farm in Texas…. more like a homestead today… but it wasn’t a white farm house. It wasn’t all minimalist and modern. It was filled with color. Dark red roosters chortling round their hens, ornery goats tussling for the best food, multi-hued cats lounging on the barn beams. It was robust with life and color and heart. And vegetables. Tons of vegetables. Brightly colored, richly flavored offerings from the ground.

The Farmhouse Spring Collection breathes in all of these. A long slow breath of growing season and simple living. If you are on my mailing list you will receive the release 24 hours before it goes public. You can click here to get early access to the Farmhouse Spring Collection!

Fields of Coreopsis grow with wild abandon in the spring in Kentucky. Field after field of these flowers keep us company on our Saturday drives. www.sandykayemoss

When was the last time you were on a farm? The last time you took a long, slow drive through the country? Maybe it’s time? We have a long weekend coming up. Pack up the fam and find the two lane country road that begs you explore.

Then come back and check your email. You’ll find the perfect piece of art to commemorate your adventure in the Farmhouse Spring Collection.




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