Health and Wellness Through Art

Health and Wellness Through Art

Pursuing health and wellness through art by exploring color vibration and movement.

Health and Wellness Through Art is a course I’ve been quietly working on. OR not so quietly if you follow me on Facebook. We have so many components to our lives, our attention is divided constantly. Heartfelt conversations seem to be becoming a thing of the past. Lazy summer afternoons don’t actually exist anymore, other than in carefully styled Instagram posts and perfectly photo-shopped Pinterest boards.

Bliss Junkie

Please, don’t misunderstand. I adore pretty pictures and feel good color combos. If the only place we find these is in a world that doesn’t actually exist we have traded reality, and not even for a fantasy. We’ve traded reality for a 2 second glance in search of a dopamine fix.  This amazing world of technology we now live in has turned us into “Bliss Junkies“.

Are you a Bliss Junkie? Constantly chasing after one blissful experience after another? There is hope!! LOL

If the computer notifications isn’t going off, it’s the phone, or the smart washer, or Itunes. Take your pick. When was the last time you did anything without your phone. Constantly we hear the words and banter for HEALTH, SELF-CARE, ORGANIC…everything, DETOX.. how about a wellness plan, even for your PET.

I think the answer is much simpler than this. No, I’m not encouraging we go back to horse and buggy days. Technology is a wonderful gift to the generations making our way through the world. I can’t harp on “living a balanced life” either. I think we can embrace a life of harmony much more realistically than balance.

Health in Real Life- It’s in Your Head

I would like to propose a thinking process, because everything begins with your thoughts. A thinking process that enjoys technology and yet knows how to move through life without being controlled by it. And this really is a thinking process. A thinking process shared through a course based in brain science and art.

More Color Please!! Health and Wellness Through Art Workshop.

You can probably look at your life right now say… “I don’t remember the last time I chose uninterrupted time without feeling guilty for not being productive”. I have been a productivity junkie for years. Recently, I watched an interview with Seth Godin. One bit of truth so resonated with me.

Productivity is an economic measure of how much you output for the time and resources you put in. ~Seth Godin

So What?

At that point, I realized, “productivity” is hard at work killing life. There is no harmony in productivity. Yes, things must still be accomplished and the mundane is part of the blessing of being alive. The rub comes in when you combine “productivity” and “technology”. We can produce quicker, faster and more accurately than ever before. So what. This is the place the “bliss point” intersects with boredom. The faster we can get the dopamine hit, the faster, it’s gone. We’re frantically off to find the next one. Have you listened to online videos lately. Youtubers and bloggers seem to be talking so fast they forget to breathe.

Healthy living can start with something as simple as picking up a crayon or paint brush. Move and breathe in color.

Yep. This has turned into quite the rant. I’m going to invite you to.. s.l.o.w. down. I’m not inviting you to purchase this course. It’s in the early stages and honestly, I don’t know when it will be available online. Instead I’m inviting you to slow down. Take 12 Minutes and create some silly art with your phone TURNED OFF. Take a walk. Get some play-doh. Yes! I’m serious! Play with some Legos.

At this moment I have the honor of sharing the Health and Wellness Classes in the local community. The video below was created to promote the Health and Wellness Through Art classes at Raja Wellness in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Just watch it and consider how a brush filled with paint meanders across a canvas in no particular direction. Then. Consider how you can meander a bit without being productive or searching for that bliss point.   

Art Supplies! 6 Fun and Easy Supplies to Get You Started

Art Supplies! 6 Fun and Easy Supplies to Get You Started

Fun and easy art supplies to play with

*this post may contain affiliate links*

Art supplies can be crazy overwhelming. There are tons of brands, tools and toys. You can start with anything from the kid version to the professional artist grade products or something in between.

Kinda works like designing your life. You start with a good look where you are in life. Determine your goals and chart a path. Loosely translated!

Art Supplies

Art supplies, same idea. Start with where you are. What do you have? Crayons? Colored Pencils? Markers? Maybe a sketch book of sorts or even coloring book. What about washi tape, patterned paper or even coffee filters?

Next! Super important! What do you want to do? Where do you want to start? Are you interested in drawing? How about painting or even something in between? Yep, there IS something in between. Colored pencil techniques are very cool and they really are a thing! Again, there are so many options when it comes to art supplies.

All the Things

What I DO NOT want you to do is run out and buy a bunch of stuff just because you can buy a bunch of stuff. Truly. This is pretty common when you desire to explore creativity. I promise you more is not better, it’s just more. Plus all that stuff takes up space, can be intimidating at first and totally overwhelming. STUFF does NOT lead to creativity or art. In fact, you could just go outside grab some leaves and arrange them artfully! POOF! Your an ARTIST! Nope, not kidding.. Take a look at this.       

You get to choose. Thankfully this isn’t first grade where the teacher demands trees are green. What supplies do you have on hand? You can use anything to start. What do you want to create/explore? Can you use what you have or are you ready to branch out into the wide world of supplies?

Look! TOYS!!

I thought I would put together a handy dandy list of fun art supplies that are super easy to use. You can start with any or all of these.

Easy Fun Art Supplies for you to try!


1. Washi Tape  2. Sharpie Fine Line Marker  3. Post it Note Mini  4. Mixed Media Art Journal 

5. Hand Made Modern Acrylic Paint (Target)  6. Faber Castell Gelatos 


And there you have it! Some of those links are affiliates and some aren’t. The biggest thing is I don’t want to just TALK about supplies I want to SHOW you what I’m talking about! Next up is to share how I use these fun toys!

You won't believe all the cool art you can create with these 6 Fun and easy art supplies.



I Know- Living in the Colorless Mundane

I Know- Living in the Colorless Mundane

I know. I know it’s hard to think after living life this far there might be something more. I know that thought dances around the edges of the brain. That one little thought can be so stinkin loud at times you wonder how no one else can hear it.

I know.

A couple days ago a video “short” rambled across my Facebook news feed. * how did we ever find cool things before Facebook?* Of course, because it’s animated, I had to watch it. The first few frames are way cute. And then. Quietly. The reality of this “short” crept up on my conscious mind. (you know that’s how the best videos work, right?)

I want to share this. Here. Today. I watched this story unfold and felt the tears sneak in. 

When creativity, joy… disappear. YOU step in. YOU create. Leave the colorless mundane void and step into a world filled with glorious color. The world truly needs YOUR color.

Art. Is a verb. 



The Very First Coloring Page!

The Very First Coloring Page!

So exciting!!!! I have wanted to do this FOR*EEVA!!!! And nOI AM! 

Here’s the plan! I’mma post a new colorin page every Monday.. just for you! Down load that baby and use it to propel yourself into a bright beautiful week! Here ya go!  *I haven’t even gotten to color this one yet!*  


AND… If you would like exclusive coloring pages delivered to your inbox weekly JUST to brighten it up give a click right here!  Otherwise, meet me here next Monday for another freebie! Yep! That’s the opportunity for TWO coloring pages a week! 

Dream Chasing and Why It Won’t Get You Anywhere

Dream Chasing and Why It Won’t Get You Anywhere

 Dream Chasing and Why It Won't Get You Anywhere. Yep. I said It. Your life is waiting for you to grab those dreams, pull them outta stardust land and wrangle them into reality. You CAN live your life by design and not default.

Don’t follow your dreams.

There. I said it.

Shocking right? Especially, from me. I’m always all about, Dream big! Go for it! Build bigger than you are!

Yeah. Well…

Your dreams aren’t going anywhere- unless you do.

We act like and believe our dreams are these bits of stardust streaking across the night sky, waving at us to follow them. We think “Oh! We should chase this glimpse of glitter and it’s gonna to take us to a new amazing universe.” Unicorns! Rainbows! The whole Shebang!

Umm. Yeah. A dream is only a dream.. Seriously? We get caught up in the romance of it all. The poetic story line of love, won or lost- the bittersweet emotion of dreams unfulfilled or never attempted- plopped on the curb waiting for the trash truck cuz we never explored them.

A dream is only a glitzy, sparkly thought  dressed up in  “what if stilettos”.

It’s not going anywhere *especially in those shoes! . It’s not reality.

Dream Chasing and Why It Won't Get You Anywhere. Yep. I said It. Your life is waiting for you to grab those dreams, pull them outta stardust land and wrangle them into reality. You CAN live your life by design and not default.

Is it recurring? Yep. Like teenage acne.

Is it nagging? Remember your mom? “You need to practice piano!” That kind of nagging!

Is it going to let ya to catch it? Nah. It’s gonna laugh at you when ya try. Because IT is not tangible. It’s a glimpse of what could happen. A peek at a desire that could become reality.

But, it does not exist. Sorry to rip all the magical fairy dust from the moonbeams you may have been riding on. I know… This is like the massive, over the handle bars crash at the bottom of the hill on the gravel covered road to rainbows and happy endings.

Follow your dreams! Chase your dreams! Nope, these cliches have nothing to do with actually making a difference in someone’s life- YOUR life. And I can tell ya it takes perseverance, hard work, ingenuity and time.


“Chasing a dream” is your exclusive, gold embossed invitation for excuses to move right in, get comfortable and hog all the cheetos!.

You want a quick trip to excuse land? You got it! Focus on chasing a dream. All the “I can’t because” reasons bubble up immediately. “I’m too old- too young- too poor- too sick- too busy… on and on.. The “If only’s” are draggin’ in right behind, invading your supposed reality with a vengeance- If only I were…  If only I had… If only I didn’t have…

 Dream Chasing

The chasing of the dream is living in the middle of a perception of what you think it would be like for the dream to come true. Not working in reality, daily putting the pedal to the medal to accomplish more, do more, become more, means you don’t have to be responsible to make anything happen. Perception is the thief of your future. That sneaky dude robs you of the now while keeping your future just out of reach.

Dream Chasing and Why It Won't Get You Anywhere. Yep. I said It. Your life is waiting for you to grab those dreams, pull them outta stardust land and wrangle them into reality. You CAN live your life by design and not default.

SO! Yep, you can sit and chase that dream every minute in the cubicle at your job, behind the counter at your sales position or while your doin’ dishes. You’re no closer to changing your reality there than you are your dream. Dreams are not reality. They are ideas you never have to act on cuz they live in your head- rent free. There’s nothing compelling or forcing you to take that dream to fruition- its JUST a dream.

Going to work is not a dream. It’s reality. It’s reality to want a roof over your head, and food to eat and maybe some clothes to wear. When you stop looking at your dreams as pie in the sky- someday stardust and actually invest the time and effort into the idea… you’re no longer chasing a dream. Your creating a reality. Your living your life by design. 

Don’t chase your dreams. Create your reality that was sparked by a dream.