Art Studio Update to the Hot Mess

Art Studio Update to the Hot Mess

Come fly with me in the Art Studio


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“Art studio” is such a fancy shmancy word! At one time it was used only for those in the world of fine art. Today, it’s available to everyone from photographers to crafters to kids play spaces! And I think that’s a good thing!! Let’s pull the thing outta the ivory tower and be friends!

The weekend of New Year’s my dear hubby was not feeling well… So, of course, I thought that was the perfect time to switch up the house. Hubby and I had already discussed this and he was all for it. I think it was just supposed to happen when he was feeling better. BUT He only had to help me with two pieces!

The Big Plan

The master bedroom, which was upstairs has a nice window and is super warm!! The guest bedroom downstairs, which I was using for art stuffs, is super chilly! Since we decided to use the master upstairs for the guest room… It just made sense to switch the two rooms! Plus it’s right beside the kitchen. BONUS!

Art Studio in Process

I did an insta-story on the initial switch-a-roo and a facebook live but I hadn’t shared the almost finished art space.So here goes! *warning* this is a picture heavy post!!!

The view from the door of the art studio. Look at that huge blank wall!!

If you were to walk into the space this is the view. And that huge empty wall needs some serious attention! The two teal cabinets are the same ones from hubby’s parents house in the NC mountains. Yep, they owned an entire mountain. No clue how old those cabinets are.

All the colorful trappings of an art studio and so far my fave place in this space

I think this may be my fave part of this space. Turning to the left from the door, this is what ya see. Lots of color and randomness. And yes… the work table really is on those furniture moving things… Because I never know when I’m going to need to move it!

This is totally a wall of crazy in the art studio. It hold a ton of random important stuff!

Yep. More color and randomness. Pics, glass, albums… holding nothing, easels waiting to hold something. And magazines. My crazy obsession.

every art studio has to have a space for the littlest contributors

Of course, Little Dog, has to have his own corner. Complete with artwork, comfy bed and blankie and fresh water. 

And Now… A Closer Look

Two baskets hold very different things in the art studio. Both important but very different

I’m not really a fan of having things on the floor but for now it’s gotta be that way. We are deciding on what other type of shelving we want to purchase for this room. In the meantime, I have a one basket filled with scissors and hole punches and another with a ton ideas and plans just waiting to be brought into the light.

Pom Pom garlands are a must in art studios!

oh!! And Pom pom garlands!! ya gotta have pom pom garlands!!

How much stuff can I pile onto one work table in an art studio!!

The work table pretty much looks like this… ok, well, sometimes. I have the laptop, the Ipad and if I wasn’t using the camera to take the pic it would right there between that piece of wax paper and the edge of the table. I keep the different mediums in the upper right corner along with the markers, tape, brushes and usually a candle and lotion. Paint is either on the table in that basket, scattered ALL OVER the table or in the cart by the shelves. The two notebooks to the left are the ones I use for blog post ideas and 12 Minute Art.

I love this art studio tech toy!!

This thing is AH-MAZING!!! It’s one of my fave tech toys. It’s a 3 leg tripod with extension. It extends to I think 5 feet tall plus it has the face down arm that makes it possible for me to record the 12 Minute Art videos and the videos I will be creating for online classes.

Art studio madness on a shelf!

Magazines, glass, pictures, colored pencils, canvas, empty albums, paint.. It’s a hot mess!! I have not decided what is going and what is staying and how it’s all going to come together.. but at least its OFF the floor!!

Another hot mess in this studio

And here is another hot mess. An Ipad, artwork, magazines… oh and that pic?? That’s a pic of my dad with his NEW truck. Yep, that was takin around 1930. He was born in 1910. And, yep, he is my REAL father and NOPE I’m not THAT old!! But that’s another story for another time 😉 

How many things can i cram onto a shelf in this art studio?

Yes, those are the smoke detectors. I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be up but it’s not happening!! They drive me crazy and go off just to torture me!! I have crammed more artwork, blank canvas, books to pull book pages from, mixed media journals and… yes.. you are seeing ceramic egg holders. Two to be exact. I use these to hold paint instead of regular palettes. Just more fun that way!

Organizing an art studio, blog, life and all things in general requires a bit of planning.

This is how I am staying organized with the art blog lately. NO. Not by chasing roosters! LOL I found this awesome system and boy is it a game changer. For me I use this as a blog editorial calendar but it would be super simple to convert it to a home keeping calendar, menu planner or.. gosh the possibilities are endless!! Surprisingly, a lot of creativity and planning goes into a blog. It’s a lot like homeschooling. You create goals for the year, break those down into semesters, quarters and weeks. Blogging you sorta do the same thing except you must decide what you want to share.. not what you NEED to teach. You not only share the “curriculum”, you create it also. As much as I loved homeschooling and the planning, blogging is even more fun!

There ya have it!! The in process, crazy hot mess of an art studio. I hope you weren’t expecting anything “cute” OR anything minimalist!! Ya’ll KNOW I am NOT a minimalist!

And HEY!! If ya have any ideas on shelving and getting things OFF the floor pretty please share them with me!!

Big hugs and stay warm!! yeah.. it was like -2 today!!!!


Art for 12 Minutes a Day Improves Brain Function

Art for 12 Minutes a Day Improves Brain Function


Increase brain activity and function through 12 Minute Art

                                                                                                                                                                                       *This post contains affiliate links

Art has this incredible way of boosting brain function!  I have been creating for the past 8-10 years. Actually, I’ve created my entire life but maybe, like you, didn’t realize it.

If you’re raising children your creating constantly. Creating ways to keep them occupied. Creating healthy meals to help them grow and function. Creating life events and holiday celebrations to help THEM create memories. 

All of that creating… All of it, is art. The exciting part though is you can redirect those “energies” into a detox practice for your brain!  Yoga for the brain. So what does yoga do for the body? It stretches the muscles. It slows down and focuses the movement. It encourages you to slow thoughts and focus on… breathing, poses, intention.

That’s exactly what art does. It stretches the muscle between the ears. Art pulls you into another dimension. Slowly. Kindly. It offers you the space to “not think” but to just be.

Yoga for the brain for a just 12 Minutes of art to detox and energize!

Which is how I discovered “12 Minute Art”. I had accompanied hubby on a biz trip and was hanging out in the hotel with Little Dog. I’m not much for watching TV and was tired of looking at magazines. I had brought a Mixed Media Art Journal with me and some markers. I sorta just picked it up and with no actual direction started fooling around. I remembered in elementary school we used to draw random meandering lines and then color them in.

I Finally Get It

I would love to say I had a huge ah-ha moment. Nope. I messed around with it and that was it.  A few months later I picked up the same journal and saw that scribble and did another one. (ok, I’m a bit slow). Fast forward TWO stinkin years! I get it. I totally get it.

The thing that I knew was the thing I took for granted. Art *moves* your brain and emotions to a calm state, almost a disconnected state. It allows your mind to stop for a moment, to “zone out”. This is totally different than hanging out with friends or mindlessly watching TV. Both of those activities are just that… Your brain is focused externally. You’re taking in action/reaction but your not singularly focused on anything.

Creating without thought of outcome brings you to a single focus… What am I doing in this exact minute. Not what will I do next or what did I just do but what is happening right now. Your’e feeling the texture of the paper under your marker or ink, you sense the movement and space you are in. The color is absorbing into your conscious and subconscious without the need for words to describe or defend it. 

Yoga for the brain ... like a small cozy piece of art zen!

Why 12 Minutes for Art?

THIS is your BRAIN ON ART. This is 12 Minutes of being in the zone. Why 12 minutes? 10 minutes did not allow enough time to “get into the zone” and at the 13-15 minute mark I could feel myself getting itchy… Like… okay, what next? What color next… What design next. Much like meditation, it takes time for the brain to accept this new state. And with meditation the more often you practice the more your brain becomes comfortable and you can extend your time ” in the zone”.

Colors and doodles and art oh my!

This is how 12 Minute Art started. I’m excited to continue sharing the process with you. I truly hope you choose to experience this short burst of yoga for the brain.

Do you have calming practices you already use? I would love to hear what they are.  

Merry Christmas Wishes!

Merry Christmas Wishes!


Merry Christmas! 

Christmas is all about wishes!

“So this is Christmas”… as the song goes… and yes. It is Christmas! All grand and glorious and color-ful. The bittersweet mingled with joyous. How can one holiday encompass so many emotions! If you’re like me, you experience them all… 

I have wished for you this Christmas… for my friends, my family, to those I partner with in business… online and off…

I have wished for you…

  • JOY in the middle of difficulty
  • COURAGE while walking through sadness
  • PEACE within deep sorrow
  • LOVE in spite of indifference 
  • IMAGINATION without end


Pine cones and an antler in an antique box

Christmas Owl with lights keeping watch over the front porch

Antique tool box serves as a keeper for the Christmas star

Decorating for Christmas in the snow.

A wreath of pine bent twigs and pine cones to welcome visitors

Merry Christmas and many abundant blessings for you and yours on this day we celebrate as our dear Savior’s Birth

Exciting! Nothing But Exciting

Exciting! Nothing But Exciting

This is exciting! Can I just tell you… THIS is exciting? Since about the first week of August my world has been nothing but exciting. NOT EVEN KIDDING!

I’ve been dropping little hints on social media for a couple months. We haven’t really officially announced yet.. and NO!!! I am NOT having a baby! We’re just not going there…mmm-kay! I’ll be working on sharing this info very soon.

What I can tell you is … drum roll please!! WE’VE MOVED! If you’ve been keeping up with us at all that makes three moves in nine years of marriage. What can I say? We love adventure!

OKAY! Now that that’s semi-outta the way. Let’s get on to fun stuff!

The art guild in this new town is filled with fun, creative, exciting, and seriously talented artists! Meetings are packed with laughter, info and ya know, art biz stuff. The last meeting I attended had a member of the guild sharing her sculpture techniques. Honestly. This was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. She is totally out of the stuffy ol’ art box! Here let me show you!

Here she is!! Meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parks

Elizabeth is one of those amazing people that if you give her a piece of leather, three boards, a couple hair pins and an hour she will have constructed an exact replica of the Sistine Chapel! No joke! Along with furnishing it and having a splendid meal on the table, that she has grown in her own garden no less!  *ok. I might be embellishing just a tad*

The point is, the woman has got MAD skills and not just in art. Elizabeth has worked in the nursing field and she actually coaxes a prolific garden from the earth! She tells me she uses her personal experiences to draw from when creating. She has the amazing ability to see clearly the smallest details and convey them in her work. Bird feathers, buffalo fur, even the “feel” of a subject are captured in her work.

Elizabeth’s sculptures and paintings are created predominantly in the still of winter. While the garden sleeps Elizabeth gets busy creating “life” through art. She is a problem solver by nature and refuses to be derailed from her endeavors. If a specific art medium or tool is not available to her, she improvises. Creativity is not just about what she can make with her hands but also the raw, unusual materials she decides to use.

Numerous awards and accolades have come to Elizabeth over the years. No surprise there!  Her work can be found in area businesses and homes across the state. After meeting Elizabeth, though, I can tell you she has a beautiful heart and quiet demeanor. Her art is simply the visual representation of her lovely spirit. Members of the guild are quick to share “While Elizabeth’s art and creativity are quite stunning… It’s her ‘charm and humility’ that is the foundation of her art.”

I am so thrilled Elizabeth agreed to chat with me. Honestly? I implored… ok, I asked kinda nicely… if she would stay and let me ask her questions about her work. She is the best. She hung around after the guild meeting to tell me all this cool stuff! I’m pretty sure she was ready to be home after sharing all the details of creating sculpture with the guild members.

Elizabeth! Thanks so much for letting me share your awesomeness on this space on the web! 








Green to Blue for Fall!

Green to Blue for Fall!

New beginning with pumpkins and leaves!


I love our new little condo-ish place we are living! It’s the perfect size at the moment plus yard work is all taken care of! If I want to pull in some plants I can pop them into pots and be good to go!

One of the things I knew right away was the bright funky green table was not going to work. AT ALL!! Too big. Too bright. Not the vibe I was going for. 

Fnnky Green Art table

Of course the immediate answer was to paint it! I fell hard for this crazy dark green/blue color that I found on a fake pumpkin at the local craft shop. That color is now throughout the entire house in some form or fashion!

Farm table rehab!

SO… Pics for you of the table makeover and the fall tablescape! 

Blue Farm Table

An antique wooden drawer with leaves

Pumpkins nestled in an old wooden box

Have glorious fall! And I have to know! Have you got that furniture refurbish bug like me? I would love to see what your creating!

Coloring from A Birds Eye View

Coloring from A Birds Eye View


Exclusive Coloring Pages available on Thursday by signing up to receive them in your inbox! Birds Eye View

Good evening and Happy Monday! Yep. I’m totally late with this today. But! Here it is! A Birds Eye View!

I wanted to give you a peek at what the Thursday coloring pages will be like. These are the pages that carry a different theme. Sometimes a bit modern with geometric designs or something on a different scale. You can grab Thursday coloring pages by signing up here! These won’t be available other than in the sign up group.

This is as far as I’ve gotten coloring my Birds Eye View page. I’m using watercolor pencils and water based markers. It creates an overall controlled watercolor effect. The markers I’m using are my faves from Stampin Up. Nope, this isn’t an affiliate and I don’t get a dime for tellin ya this. They are hands down my favorite markers though!

Exclusive Coloring Pages available on Thursday by signing up to receive them in your inbox! Birds Eye View



Hope you enjoy this weeks sneak of the Exclusive Coloring Pages! I’ll be sending out the new Exclusive Coloring Pages a week from this Thursday… so April 27!  Just click the picture to download it! Or… HERE!! Which ever you prefer!!