There is no way I can list all the books that cross my hands in a year or the favorite ones I reread and refer to all the time! So I will start this list and add to it as we go!

and… some of these will be affiliate links

Art Books

Julia Cameron’s The Sound of Paper is such an incredible walk through the cycles of creativity. From flourishing to drought in the artist life. Any book by Cameron is a MUST read. This is my personal fave.

Steven Pressfield slays the dragons of resistance and creative blocks. The War of Art is a simple but powerful read encouraging you to get on with your artistic calling.

Austin Kleon has provided the creative world with two power-full little books. Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work. Both give you permission to build your portfolio and art practice on the shoulders of the great artists that have come before us. 

I can’t share fave reads with shouting from the rooftops about Dr Caroline Leaf. What an amazing woman! Nope, this one isn’t about art per se, it’s about YOU and how you think. What makes you think, what you do think and if you should even be thinking that!! Dr Leaf has quite a few books published and I’m just starting “The Perfect You”. As soon as I finish I will add it here also. I do recommend Switch on Your Brain.

One more for the road… Anything by Dr Daniel Amen. Another brain book, but oh my goodness this is good stuff!! I’m including Dr Amen in the Online Resource page also. He shares amazing info about how the brain works and doesn’t work!