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Easter Sunday Instagram Inspiration

  Happy Easter! How's the egg hunt going? Lunch finished yet? Awesome! Now you can settle in for a couple minutes and enjoy these fun Instagram finds! I'm sure these Instagram-mers will boost your creativity and sweeten your day!!   I have this thing for tablescapes....

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A Bloomin’ Friday Flat Lay

    I hope your Good Friday is BLOOMIN'!  I am searchin' out as many flowers and blooms as I can find. Doesn't it feel amazing when winter is finally over? Right now we're in that space between everything being spring green and everything still being brown. There are...

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Easy Like Sunday Afternoon Instagram

1:15 in the afternoon and I'm just putting this Instagram Sunday post together! I am so OK with that! Because really... It's Sunday and we all get to slowdown! The roundup this week is full of color and fun! I'm chillin with some sweet tea while the laundry is...

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Wanderlust Flat Lay

This is a good day to share a flat lay! Especially one full of "WanderLust"! Today I'm featuring a flat lay from an incredible friend of mine. This gal is all grit with a side of bright red lipstick. Seriously. She's looking at a future for herself with wide-eyed...

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Spring Power Walk with Pics

I will probably pay for this tomorrow but I could NOT resist getting a power walk in this morning! Okay. Well. A little gal that was probably 90 flew by me on her morning jog, so maybe it was more of a stroll. ~sigh Maybe a few pics I snapped this morning will give...

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The Very First Coloring Page!

So exciting!!!! I have wanted to do this FOR*EEVA!!!! And nOw I AM!  Here's the plan! I'mma post a new colorin page every Monday.. just for you! Down load that baby and use it to propel yourself into a bright beautiful week! Here ya go!  *I haven't even gotten to...

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Instagram Sunday – Time Out for Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration really needs to show up today! I think the list for this week is a mile long every single day. Thankfully, the sun popped out today cuz the rest of the week is totally threatening to rain. I may need to camp out daily in Instagram! Anywho!!!...

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Time. Designing a Flat Lay on Life

Time. The one thing in the universe we cannot master, manipulate or create. Ok, well, I'm sure there's other stuff that falls into those categories. When it comes to living your life by design you gotta acknowledge the things you have some amount of control over. Yep,...

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           HEY! I’m Sandy!

What’s your favorite way to  create? Mine is definitely       to create on purpose!  Perfect is HIGHLY overrated!  That’s what you’ll find  here, lots of life designed  on purpose and not much  perfect.

And art. There’s gonna be  art!