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Health and Wellness Through Art

Health and Wellness Through Art is a course I've been quietly working on. OR not so quietly if you follow me on Facebook. We have so many components to our lives, our attention is divided constantly. Heartfelt conversations seem to be becoming a thing of the past....

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Art Studio Update to the Hot Mess

                                                                                                                                          *this post contains affiliate links "Art studio" is such a fancy shmancy word! At one time it was used only for those in the world...

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Art for 12 Minutes a Day Improves Brain Function

                                                                                                                                                                                         *This post contains affiliate links Art has this incredible way of boosting brain...

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Merry Christmas Wishes!

  Merry Christmas!  "So this is Christmas"... as the song goes... and yes. It is Christmas! All grand and glorious and color-ful. The bittersweet mingled with joyous. How can one holiday encompass so many emotions! If you're like me, you experience them all...  I have...

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Exciting! Nothing But Exciting

This is exciting! Can I just tell you... THIS is exciting? Since about the first week of August my world has been nothing but exciting. NOT EVEN KIDDING! I've been dropping little hints on social media for a couple months. We haven't really officially announced yet.....

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Green to Blue for Fall!

  I love our new little condo-ish place we are living! It's the perfect size at the moment plus yard work is all taken care of! If I want to pull in some plants I can pop them into pots and be good to go! One of the things I knew right away was the bright funky green...

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Coloring from A Birds Eye View

  Good evening and Happy Monday! Yep. I'm totally late with this today. But! Here it is! A Birds Eye View! I wanted to give you a peek at what the Thursday coloring pages will be like. These are the pages that carry a different theme. Sometimes a bit modern with...

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           HEY! I’m Sandy!

What’s your favorite way to  create? Mine is definitely       to create on purpose!  Perfect is HIGHLY overrated!  That’s what you’ll find  here, lots of life designed  on purpose and not much  perfect.

And art. There’s gonna be  art!