12 Minute Art – A Mindfulness Practice

12 Minute Art – A Mindfulness Practice

Art for brain health! Just 12 minutes a day.



12 Minute Art Mindfulness uses art as a tool to experience awareness of our thoughts, surroundings and feelings. A simple art practice with crayons or markers and paper helps the brain to slow down. Certain chemicals in the brain diminish allowing a space of calm… flow… to be embraced when art is being explored.

A 12 minute practice seems to keep the judging inner critic and negative voices at bay. 12 minutes is not long enough to be concerned with any form of technical achievement. However, it offers just enough time to find harmony with color and rhythmic movement.

This video shows a simple circular movement with varying colors chosen randomly.



If you have crayons, markers, even sharpies you can begin a quick 12 Minute Art Mindfulness Practice. It doesn’t have to be expensive or require a load of art supplies.

Sometimes the best place and time to start is at the kitchen table while the coffee brews. That way… the only thing brewing will be the coffee. ūüėČ

I hope this video inspires you to breathe. To slow down. And… to take a moment to be present.


Sunday Instagram Inspiration -Grids to Love

Sunday Instagram Inspiration -Grids to Love

Happy Veterans Day! Blessings to all the amazing veterans and their families that served our country so valiantly!

Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration comes after a week of wild for me. If you make it to the end of this short post today you’ll know why! Let’s just dive in!!


A Grid with My Fave Colors!

Fall | Green Pumpkins | Hand lettering | Vegetable scale | www.sandykayemoss.com


Doreen, from¬†Hymns and Verses has the most beautiful home! I guess I’m particularly smitten because she uses my fave colors! The forever perfect green, lovely grey, white and the perfect amount of black! This color palette is extremely soothing and inviting! I think we might be able to slip over and view her lovely space without disturbing her adorable fur baby, Sadie!


Instagram Inspiration and Adventure!

Paddle boards | Water | Lake | Treeline | Author | Artist | www.sandyakyemoss.com


Inspiration comes in lots of forms. THIS is one the best. Maria Brophy from Maria Brophy has the MOST inspiring and adventurous life, Y’all!! Seriously! Maria creates #allthebuzz for her husband Drew’s art biz. And I do mean ALL THE BIZ! The thing that I love about this grid and gal.. hmmm… grid and gal.. that may have to become a hashtag er… somthin!!! Anywho… Maria and her husband are both incredibly talented.¬† She taught herself the world of art marketing and then turned it on it’s EAR!! She did my fave thing… *learn the rules of the game then throw them in the trash*! Maria has the biggest heart. I mean huge. All this amazing info she learned and put into practice she now shares! She helps artists push through to their dreams with ACTUAL business info. Which is rare in the art world.. Usually, it’s all the woowoo stuff. NOPE! Not this gal. Biz plans. Info on techniques to work within this new economy and world of art. AND!!! She has written THE BEST BOOK¬†with all this info. Yep. I’m reading it religiously. Not even kidding. Even if your not in the art biz you will want to peruse her grid. She serves all this up with the most amazing pics of their family adventures! Can you say Egypt?? Umm… yeah. Dream Life!


My Wild Week

Galvanized Art Tote | Canvas | Orange Flowers | Floral Painting | Sip and Paint | Art Studio |


Hi!! Looks like you got to the bottom! Congrats! My wild and crazy week.. well about 3 weeks now. I think. I will do an entire post on how this came about in a couple days. And just HOW does this apply to Instagram Inspiration? OR how a photo stopped my scroll. Well. When your scrolling through the pics and suddenly you recognize something. Like totally recognize it as in it’s YOUR picture! And you remember taking it. And WHY you took it but … still THERE IT IS! In YOUR feed.

Ummm… yeah. This pic was in my feed on Instagram and it’s mine. It wasn’t stolen or anything. It’s a photo from The Raven’s Palette-¬†Art, Sip and Paint. I was kinda startled when I saw it. The Raven’s Palette is the new Instagram account I started for the business I JUST kinda fell into. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me when it came across my artist IG. But it did. I mean, the idea that I have a business?¬† An actual, total legit business. So. No this isn’t the most dramatic, breathtaking, scroll stopping photo. But it’s MY photo… of MY business… yikes! It’s kinda wild. I hope this INSPIRES YOU! Inspires you to KNOW you can do anything if you want to. Really want to.

Have a fab week!!!



Have You Ever Thought About Choosing a Color for Your Week?

Have You Ever Thought About Choosing a Color for Your Week?

Pink | Blue | Grey | Light Blue | Abstract art | Orange | Crimson | Art for sale | www.sandykayemoss.com


Have you ever thought about choosing a color for your week? There are a ton of inspirational thought leaders in the world encouraging us to set an intention, choose a word, explore a vibration… gosh so many options!! I’m always up for options!!!

One More Option- Color!

So… I’m just gonna throw one more into the mix! What if we decided to choose a “color” for the week? Not the month but just the week. And now you’re thinking… yep. She’s lost it. Cuz I seriously need ONE MORE THING TO DO!!! Okay. I get it.. Just hear me out.

Think about it this way. You’re cruising through Instagram land. Taking it all in… Suzi’s cute littles, Annie’s adorable giraffe painting, scenes of pretty farmhouse design with muted tones… and ya keep scrolling. But then. THEN into your grid strolls a photo from “Nothing is Ordinary“. Your scrolling stops, finger paused in mid air. The color. The Images. The immediate desire to just stare at this photo on your device.

THAT’S the power of color. I will argue… either your soul needed that pause to help you breathe, your heart was longing for color beyond the box of crayons you’re coloring your world with or the eyes and brain were captured by the place you were in at that moment and the colors and images resonated with you. OR there are a million other reasons.

The point is. Color is on earth to encourage us, dance with us, captivate us, propel us to greater destinies, and ask us to explore just beyond the end of our self imposed limits. Yep… color is more powerful than we think.


There’s a Color for That!

Now back to choosing a color for your week. What are you doing this week? What are your plans. What do you WANT to do this week. Guess what!!!! There’s a color for that!! Not even kidding!!

I’m not suggesting you run to your closet and pull out all the red clothing to wear this week cuz you want to power through your week. I mean, ya can if ya want but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here.¬†

I’ll share a little bit of brain stuff with ya. Cuz ya know, “I’m all about that brain, that brain”… great now I have that song stuck in my head.¬†

Moving on… When you make a decision to do something or pay attention to something, and ya might get a lil peeved at me here but just hang with me.. All this chatter about “the law of attraction” while super interesting and fun… is brain stuff. Not magical universe stuff. When you choose to purposefully think about something. Daily. And if that something is connected to a strong emotion for you, your brain says.. “Ok! You want to see #allthethings related to this piece of info”. PLUS! If this something is connected to a strong positive emotion that’s like putting the thought on steroids where the brain is concerned. The brain is an organ that operates on chemicals that are released based on emotions. Happy emotions=powerful thoughts=good chemicals released.

Flowers | Bright colored flowers | abstract flowers in vase | Dark Pink | Yellow Flowers | Commission art | www.sandykayemoss.com

Colors and Thoughts and Vibrations! Oh My!!

I know, what the heck does this have to do with choosing a color? OK OK OK!.. It’s getting good y’all!! Thoughts and emotions are more than just chemicals. They are vibrations. Seriously. VIBRATIONS! And COLORS are vibrations! The very makeup of color is how fast or slow energy vibrates.

If you choose to think about the upcoming week with excitement and joy. WAIT… Back up… if you choose to think about MONDAY with excitement and joy… and THEN choose to think about the week with excitement and joy your brain will find ways to accommodate and maneuver you toward MORE excitement and joy! Now, the color thing. If you are choosing to focus on excitement and joy… and think about the colors that give you a sense of that joy and excitement and choose one of those colors for the week… BAM! Your brain will show you that color all week reinforcing your thoughts of joy and excitement.

I know!! Right??!! BRING ON THE COLOR!!!! 

Choose the Color… BE the COLOR… LOL¬† ¬†–my¬†best hypnotic¬†voice there

What would this actually look like? Let’s say your a planner girl. When your creating your spread for the week, lean predominantly on the color you choose for the week. Pepper in harmonious colors with your colored pencils or markers or stickers. Think of it as decorating a room, dominate color surrounded by coordinating pieces.

If you are more into fashion, choose a piece for everyday of the week that represents the color you chose. You do not need to go head to toe in canary yellow. Or fire engine red. A pair of ear rings, a cute bag, cinch the waist in a belt of your color choice. Just make is easy and fun!

How about taking it even a step further. Can you bring your color into your diet? Purple cabbage? A lovely Squash Soup? The more color you add to your diet the healthier your meals become. So go ahead get creative here!

Let’s take that creativity even further! Do you have a painting class in your area? Sign up! Taking the next step with your weekly color by painting with it totally increases your emotional level! There is a direct path from the hand straight to the brain! Any time you can engage the hand and the brain at the same time your brain goes into overdrive. Way more than eye hand coordination stuff! The simple act of painting decreases the chances of developing memory diseases later in life. AND increases the brains ability to function while color helps to heighten your emotional experience! It’s a win/win!!

Pale blue | White | Grey | abstract art | Soft colors | www.sandykayemoss.com

Embracing the Treasure You Are

There is always something powerful about surrounding yourself with the colors and scents that validate the real you. Not the you other’s have decided you should be. The super REAL you. Choosing a color for the week can begin to help uncover the treasure of you. If you do this for a month… 4 colors.. one for every week of the month, you will have a glimpse into your heart and soul. You’ll begin to see a lovely pattern appear that describes where you are at this moment in your journey.

What would happen if you could do this for a year? How many new colors would you discover?  How many desires would have walked up and tapped you on the shoulder asking for the next dance?

If you decide to choose a color for the week let me know!! I would love to share your color choice and how you welcomed it to your schedule!



Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration – 3 Insta-grammers You Should Follow

Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration – 3 Insta-grammers You Should Follow

Fall | Fall Leaves | Water | Green Bush | Pond | www.sandykayemoss.com

Welcome to November


Happy first Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration in November!!!

We stopped in Target this morning on the way to The Raven’s Palette. My thinking was “Oh! The Target Starbucks won’t be as busy on Sunday morning as the Barnes and Noble Starbucks.” HA!!! Boy was I wrong! It seems we have completely jumped past Thanksgiving and straight into Christmas! WOW! But hey… at least I had fun chatting with everyone while we were standing in line!

I can def say though, Instagram is a lovely mix of fall inspo AND Christmas inspo. I’m just not ready to go there yet. SO… Here are the 3 photos that grabbed me this week! And just so’s ya know… a couple of these photos stopped me IN MID SCROLL as I was actually visiting the lovely gals entire grid! Sometimes they just jump right outta the squares!

Can You Resist this Face?


Sheep | Baby Sheep | Lil Lamb | Big ears | White fleece | www.sandykayemoss.com

Dawn from Lazy O Sheep Ranch @dawnaurorashaffer


Lamb | Baby sheep | White lamb | New life | Barn animals | www.sandykayemoss.com

Dawn’s little sweetie from Lazy O Sheep Ranch @dawnaurorashaffer


Dawn’s Insta @dawnaurorashaffer is all things farm fabulous!! She is just as amazing as her little sheep farm in PA. I adore following along as her kiddos grow, her sheep perform their silly antics and watch her spin beautiful yarn for her etsy shop!! I love that she shares REAL farm life, not the prettified, perfect, romanticized world that Insta can be so full of. Dawn has a huge heart for her sweet fam and her fleecy flock. And ya know? I can almost smell the sweet scent of the hay in these photos. Let’s just take a moment here and visit with her on that grid… Just a minute to breathe in the fresh air and love on that lil flock!!!


Sunday Insta Inspo in Colorado!


Jody in striped pants | cute yellow purse | how to wear stripes | denim jacket style | fashion photography | www.sandykayemoss.com

Jody from @jtouchofstyle looking fab with that pop of yellow!!


Stylish Women, | Over 50 Style | Fierce at any age | Three ladies in awesome sunglasses | Cute Cardigans | Fierce is the new black | fashion photography | www.sandykayemoss.com

Jody and Her Stylish Crew


Ok, I’m cracking myself up here… Continuing the “sheep” theme.. I guess!! Jody from @jtouchofstyle is one of those stylish women you see and go… wait.. THAT’S thrifted shopping on a budget? How in the world??!! Jody is just another word for CHIC!! Seriously!! And how about those photos? Can you believe her dear hubs is the photographer?

So let’s just recap…

Drop dead gorgeous style¬†√ľ

On a budget¬†√ľ

With killer photographs!¬†√ľ and¬†√ľ

Oh! Did I mention she loves to knit?? Hmmm, maybe I should intro Jody to Dawn? The sweetest thing, that I love and am secretly jealous of… is she and her mom do this awesome style thing together. Isn’t that the most endearing thing ever???¬† But in the mean time!! Visit her squares!


THIS Stopped my Scroll Instantly!


giraffe art | annie troe art | annie troe giraffe | fine art | art licensing | www.sandykayemoss.com

Annie made me LOL at this adorable face! @annietroe


I can’t even y’all!!! Annie Troe at insta¬†@annietroe¬†had me laughing out loud at this face! She is a super talented artist that licenses her creations to companies for their products. Ya know, like bedding and dishes and house stuff. BUT she also creates arts for purchase. I will say Annie is one of the most diverse and talented artist in the industry today. But ya know what else? Annie is also one of the artists that helps new artists find their way in the world of licensing. She has the biggest heart and sweetest smile around. Annie’s squares are filled with happiness and fun. Ya gotta pay her a visit!

Now Go Share… YOU!

Woop!! I hope you enjoyed the Instagram Inspiration for today!  Can you believe we have SO MUCH inspiration in our lives? How did we ever survive without Instagram? 

Have a fabulous week and go share YOUR INSPIRING SELF with the world!





Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration – 3 Photos That Stopped My Scroll!!

Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration – 3 Photos That Stopped My Scroll!!

Instagram Inspiration, totally what I’m talking about here. Stopped in my scroll! That’s what happens when you get completely inspired – as in shut your mouth wow! I know we all adore IG and scroll for the latest most inspiring photos.

Some of those photos are downright breathtaking… Literally making me catch my breathe! You know what I’m talking about RIGHT???

The photos that grab ya and pull ya right into someones life.

These 3 did just that for me this week. There were tons of others but… these… they just caught me!


Can We Just Start Here with Coffee? 

Yellow door,Welcome home, Farmhouse table, Something wicked this way comes, Instagram inspiration that stopped my scroll | www.sandykayemoss.com

Crissy from @jandcfarmdsignandfinds

Crissy is the most charming hostess!! I mean, you can just tell by the endearing way she engages with her readers! And the treasures she creates… oh. my. goodness!!! Just stay on her IG for a hot minute and yep… We should totally visit her and share a cuppa!! Really! I’m sure it would be okay!! ūüėČ Just hop over to her Insta @jandcfarmdesignandfinds¬†


Instagram Inspiration with Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes | Siamese Cat on Blue Rug | Instagram Inspiration That Stopped My Scroll | www.sandykayemoss.com

Tara’s cat, Lucky. from @bohocoloristafinland¬†¬†

Seriously… could you just scroll past the most beautiful eyes on Instagram? Nope. Just nope. Me neither. To be fair… Tara, on the other side of the world, in FINLAND, has the most color filled, fabulous grid in the grid -o- sphere! But one look at those eyes and how could I NOT stop the scroll? I just so want to scoop him up and give him hugs!! Pretty sure he would protest but it would be worth it! You do need to check out her lovely BOHO home. IT IS TOO DIE FOR!!!! And she is fabulously budget conscious! Run over and indulge in her color-filled glorious space!! @bohocoloristafinland

Just in case you need a smidge more Instagram Inspiration check out this post!


Black and White Instagram Inspiration

Black and White Tapers | White pottery | Black and White Vase with Flowers | Instagram Inpiration That Stopped My Scroll | www.sandykayemoss.com

So much to love about Kim’s black and white happiness! @beneaththeoaksandivy¬†

I can’t pass a charming black and white anything! Instagram inspiration snags me every time with black and white. Kim has put together the perfect balance of color, black and white. Not to mention she has the most adorable Doxie!! I knew I liked her the moment I saw his sweet face! I mean… a Doxie!! Named POGY!!!! ‚ô• ‚ô• ‚ô•¬† Be still my heart!¬† Ok enough Doxie gushing ūüėČ Kim’s grid is full of quaint home vignettes and POGY photos! I can wait while you run over and look. Really. GO. And send POGY my love!! This would be the perfect time to take a scroll through Kim’s grid!! @beneaththeoaksandivy

I hope you are as inspired as I am by these amazing Insta grids! I think I can power through the week now with a little inspo in my creative tank.

Have a fabulous week and create something incredible!




August Goodness-Bittersweet Changes

August Goodness-Bittersweet Changes

Happy Mid August! Flowers shine so brightly in the warm August sun! www.sandykayemoss.com


Oh. My. Goodness.


It’s August. No actually, its the middle of August. I have not touched this site the entire summer.

I had big plans.

I really did. BIG plans. And. Then. I got a little tap on the shoulder, a nudge in a different direction. A completely, all in, you cannot ignore this type of nudge. And honestly? I wanted to ignore it. I really,¬†really wanted to!! ( and no sweet friend, I am healthy and so is the dear hubby and adult kiddos). Technically, I¬†COULD¬†have ignored it. Except. I couldn’t. I knew it would take me away from my hubby and¬†out of the studio¬†for an undetermined amount of time. I would have to throw those BIG PLANS in the proverbial trash.

And just like that- it’s August. I’m home. I’m not completely done with this unexpected responsibility. I won’t be for a quite a while but I can now manage it from a distance.

Dangling Details

I’m not quite ready to share. There are still details that are dangling. Places that must be addressed. Things to finalize. In some space in the future I may be ready to share this. I’m not certain yet.

But I’m saying all this to say. It’s August. The middle of August and finally… I can see color again. I can almost take up residence in the studio…¬† ¬†I’m having trouble remembering where I put things. One of them being the energy to create. It’s coming though. I know it’s coming.


 Happy August! 

A Saturday Drive Through the Back Roads of Kentucky Inspires the New Farmhouse Spring Art Collection

A Saturday Drive Through the Back Roads of Kentucky Inspires the New Farmhouse Spring Art Collection

what better place to plant flowers thatn along side a busy highway in Kentucky! www.sandykayemoss.com


We drive. That’s what hubs and I do on Saturday. We drive. He pulls up the map and decides on a general direction. We hop in his little car and we drive.

Why? Because we want to experience this beautiful place we live. Because he is cooped up in an office all week, and then his office here at home, or in some motor pool at work… or some crazy basement turned office on post. Basically, he is inside all week.¬†

Me? I go because the scenery refuels my creative brain. Like hubs, I am in the house most of the week. Studio time or computer time all day, then dinner, then back to studio or computer. And I love it! I truly love it. BUT. A set routine is the absolute killer of creativity.

The farmhouses we discover on weekend drives. www.sandykayemoss.com

So. We drive. The fields and farmhouses unfold in front of us, like watching an old black and white movie. Many of these farms have been in the same family for a hundred years or more. The history they whisper as we speed by is not lost on the blacktop. The old barns standing in shadow of the new sleeker metal barns, perfectly happy just to still be there. These old barns often house the tractors or various other equipment … some of it antique, once used to lay in the crops.

I’m always eager to get back at the creating after these drives. The things we DON’T see from the car are as real to me as the things we do see. Things that are right there, just out of site.¬† The rooster that crowed just before we drove by. The old pitcher filled with wild flowers plopped on the wooden stool outside the back door. Rain boots covered in mud from the trip to the barn to check on the horses during that last downpour.

Just something about black barns in the fields of Kentucky. www.sandykayemoss.com

I see these things, as real as if I had walked that path. I see them because I¬† grew up on a farm. A farm with chickens and goats and roosters you couldn’t take you eyes off of because they just might flog you! And because I see these… I paint these.

Wildflowers. Always the most delightful and haunting of flowers. Lasting only a few weeks but determined to return. www.sandykayemoss.com

I’m putting together a small collection to release later this week. A collection that pulls me back to a bit of history. A bit of history from where we live now, in Kentucky and a bit from the place I knew as home as a child.¬† I grew up on a small farm in Texas…. more like a homestead today… but it wasn’t a white farm house. It wasn’t all minimalist and modern. It was filled with color. Dark red roosters chortling round their hens, ornery goats tussling for the best food, multi-hued cats lounging on the barn beams. It was robust with life and color and heart. And vegetables. Tons of vegetables. Brightly colored, richly flavored offerings from the ground.

The Farmhouse Spring Collection breathes in all of these. A long slow breath of growing season and simple living. If you are on my mailing list you will receive the release 24 hours before it goes public. You can click here to get early access to the Farmhouse Spring Collection!

Fields of Coreopsis grow with wild abandon in the spring in Kentucky. Field after field of these flowers keep us company on our Saturday drives. www.sandykayemoss

When was the last time you were on a farm? The last time you took a long, slow drive through the country? Maybe it’s time? We have a long weekend coming up. Pack up the fam and find the two lane country road that begs you explore.

Then come back and check your email. You’ll find the perfect piece of art to commemorate your adventure in the Farmhouse Spring Collection.