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Oh. My. Goodness.


It’s August. No actually, its the middle of August. I have not touched this site the entire summer.

I had big plans.

I really did. BIG plans. And. Then. I got a little tap on the shoulder, a nudge in a different direction. A completely, all in, you cannot ignore this type of nudge. And honestly? I wanted to ignore it. I really, really wanted to!! ( and no sweet friend, I am healthy and so is the dear hubby and adult kiddos). Technically, I COULD have ignored it. Except. I couldn’t. I knew it would take me away from my hubby and out of the studio for an undetermined amount of time. I would have to throw those BIG PLANS in the proverbial trash.

And just like that- it’s August. I’m home. I’m not completely done with this unexpected responsibility. I won’t be for a quite a while but I can now manage it from a distance.

Dangling Details

I’m not quite ready to share. There are still details that are dangling. Places that must be addressed. Things to finalize. In some space in the future I may be ready to share this. I’m not certain yet.

But I’m saying all this to say. It’s August. The middle of August and finally… I can see color again. I can almost take up residence in the studio…   I’m having trouble remembering where I put things. One of them being the energy to create. It’s coming though. I know it’s coming.


 Happy August! 

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