Fun and easy art supplies to play with

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Art supplies can be crazy overwhelming. There are tons of brands, tools and toys. You can start with anything from the kid version to the professional artist grade products or something in between.

Kinda works like designing your life. You start with a good look where you are in life. Determine your goals and chart a path. Loosely translated!

Art Supplies

Art supplies, same idea. Start with where you are. What do you have? Crayons? Colored Pencils? Markers? Maybe a sketch book of sorts or even coloring book. What about washi tape, patterned paper or even coffee filters?

Next! Super important! What do you want to do? Where do you want to start? Are you interested in drawing? How about painting or even something in between? Yep, there IS something in between. Colored pencil techniques are very cool and they really are a thing! Again, there are so many options when it comes to art supplies.

All the Things

What I DO NOT want you to do is run out and buy a bunch of stuff just because you can buy a bunch of stuff. Truly. This is pretty common when you desire to explore creativity. I promise you more is not better, it’s just more. Plus all that stuff takes up space, can be intimidating at first and totally overwhelming. STUFF does NOT lead to creativity or art. In fact, you could just go outside grab some leaves and arrange them artfully! POOF! Your an ARTIST! Nope, not kidding.. Take a look at this.       

You get to choose. Thankfully this isn’t first grade where the teacher demands trees are green. What supplies do you have on hand? You can use anything to start. What do you want to create/explore? Can you use what you have or are you ready to branch out into the wide world of supplies?

Look! TOYS!!

I thought I would put together a handy dandy list of fun art supplies that are super easy to use. You can start with any or all of these.

Easy Fun Art Supplies for you to try!


1. Washi Tape  2. Sharpie Fine Line Marker  3. Post it Note Mini  4. Mixed Media Art Journal 

5. Hand Made Modern Acrylic Paint (Target)  6. Faber Castell Gelatos 


And there you have it! Some of those links are affiliates and some aren’t. The biggest thing is I don’t want to just TALK about supplies I want to SHOW you what I’m talking about! Next up is to share how I use these fun toys!

You won't believe all the cool art you can create with these 6 Fun and easy art supplies.



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