Increase brain activity and function through 12 Minute Art

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Art has this incredible way of boosting brain function!  I have been creating for the past 8-10 years. Actually, I’ve created my entire life but maybe, like you, didn’t realize it.

If you’re raising children your creating constantly. Creating ways to keep them occupied. Creating healthy meals to help them grow and function. Creating life events and holiday celebrations to help THEM create memories. 

All of that creating… All of it, is art. The exciting part though is you can redirect those “energies” into a detox practice for your brain!  Yoga for the brain. So what does yoga do for the body? It stretches the muscles. It slows down and focuses the movement. It encourages you to slow thoughts and focus on… breathing, poses, intention.

That’s exactly what art does. It stretches the muscle between the ears. Art pulls you into another dimension. Slowly. Kindly. It offers you the space to “not think” but to just be.

Yoga for the brain for a just 12 Minutes of art to detox and energize!

Which is how I discovered “12 Minute Art”. I had accompanied hubby on a biz trip and was hanging out in the hotel with Little Dog. I’m not much for watching TV and was tired of looking at magazines. I had brought a Mixed Media Art Journal with me and some markers. I sorta just picked it up and with no actual direction started fooling around. I remembered in elementary school we used to draw random meandering lines and then color them in.

I Finally Get It

I would love to say I had a huge ah-ha moment. Nope. I messed around with it and that was it.  A few months later I picked up the same journal and saw that scribble and did another one. (ok, I’m a bit slow). Fast forward TWO stinkin years! I get it. I totally get it.

The thing that I knew was the thing I took for granted. Art *moves* your brain and emotions to a calm state, almost a disconnected state. It allows your mind to stop for a moment, to “zone out”. This is totally different than hanging out with friends or mindlessly watching TV. Both of those activities are just that… Your brain is focused externally. You’re taking in action/reaction but your not singularly focused on anything.

Creating without thought of outcome brings you to a single focus… What am I doing in this exact minute. Not what will I do next or what did I just do but what is happening right now. Your’e feeling the texture of the paper under your marker or ink, you sense the movement and space you are in. The color is absorbing into your conscious and subconscious without the need for words to describe or defend it. 

Yoga for the brain ... like a small cozy piece of art zen!

Why 12 Minutes for Art?

THIS is your BRAIN ON ART. This is 12 Minutes of being in the zone. Why 12 minutes? 10 minutes did not allow enough time to “get into the zone” and at the 13-15 minute mark I could feel myself getting itchy… Like… okay, what next? What color next… What design next. Much like meditation, it takes time for the brain to accept this new state. And with meditation the more often you practice the more your brain becomes comfortable and you can extend your time “in the zone”.

Colors and doodles and art oh my!

This is how 12 Minute Art started. I’m excited to continue sharing the process with you. I truly hope you choose to experience this short burst of yoga for the brain.

Do you have calming practices you already use? I would love to hear what they are.  

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