Hi! I’m Sandy 




I’m wondering… Has this ever happened to you? (Please say yes!)


  I know it was ME that lived all these years. I was the one that lived every single one of them but, I lived them in some sort of default mode. I didn’t know I could actually choose to nourish my life… with intention. I didn’t know I could design my life on purpose, with purpose.


 The Wake Up Call

A few years ago I had that wake up call. Ya know the the one. Like that scene in the movie “My Moms New Boyfriend”? Where the random guy drops a quarter in her coffee because he thinks she’s a homeless bag lady!!! “Her” being Meg Ryan of all people! Just watch the trailer below. HILARIOUS! And skip to 1:32 if ya wanna see HER wake up call! Okay, I digress.

 I had that moment… actually I’ve had it TWICE now!!  Ya think a woman would learn!!! Yikes!

 Through a series of events, I got smacked in the face with some serious reality. I wasn’t even close to living the life I was created to live. 

 By all cultural standards, I was really embracing life. Except. I was totally ignoring, stifling, and rejecting the most important parts of me, the gifts I had been given. These gifts make me who I am, give me direction in life and allow me a sense of fulfillment. And let me tell you… YOU have gifts too! Gifts that that make you this incredible person! These gifts are part of your very HEART and must be nourished!


 A Work In Progress

I discovered I function best, live my fullest when I’m creating. When I’m nourishing my heart… purposefully. I’m a thinker and analyzer. A writer. A designer. Loosely,  an artist. I really thought I had this figured out the last time that wake up call came!


As a friend of mine so eloquently puts it…



If you can relate to any of this … maybe you want to stick around for a bit? I think there is a chance YOU might experience a wake up call of your own! This could be a joyous challenge or a horrific nightmare. I didn’t see either of my wake up calls coming. I did sense a longing to know who I was created to be and if I actually had a purpose in this world.

My world turned upside down in a matter of months. Yes… it was building to that wake up call but once it happened… WHOA! And guess what! My world looks a whole lot better upside down! It looks like nourishing my heart by listening to myself, for a change. It looks like developing REAL relationships. It looks like dancing and laughing out loud in the car all by myself.


A Nourished Life Is A GOOD Life

Actually, it’s very good. And it’s what I want for you. I want to tell you no matter what’s going on in your life right now, YOUR heart is to be nourished. YOU are here on this big planet hurling through space for a really specific, important purpose!

 Maybe I can help. At least I can share the things that have opened my eyes. The things that I’ve found really nourish the heart. The steps that lead to more joy and peace as well as excitement and fulfillment.

Okay. Maybe I didn’t have the wake up call Meg Ryan did NOR have I dated Antonio Banderas… YET!  wink But. We can nourish the heart and truly LIVE!