Jan 21, 2017

Hi! I’m Sandy Kaye Moss.

I’m wondering…Has this ever happened to you? (Please say yes!) I know I lived all those years. Every single one of them but, I can say I lived them in default mode. I did not know I could choose my life with intention. That I could design a life on purpose, with purpose.

The Wake Up Call

A few years ago I had that wake up moment. It was literally like waking up. Through a series of events I discovered I was not living as I was created to live. I was barely living at all. Church. Projects. Family. Entertainment. By all cultural standards, I was really embracing life. Except. I was totally ignoring, stifling, and rejecting the most important part of me. The gifts I had been given. These gifts make me who I am, give me direction in life and allow me a sense of fulfillment.

A Work In Progress

I am a creator. A thinker. A writer. A designer. Loosely, I say I’m an artist. Honestly though… I’m still figuring out who I am. I am a work, always in progress. So are you.

If you can relate to any of this … maybe you want to stick around for a bit? I don’t have this completely figured out yet. I would really love some company as I attempt to discover what it means to live life by design instead of default.