I’m passionate about sharing Biblical principles through creativity and inspiration. I’m not some preachy expert. I’m just super curious and in awe of the fact God created us in His image. That image includes his insatiable desire to create.

When this gift of the creative process is built from the foundation of God’s principles and words, instead of a cultural view, it gives us a true understanding for living a life in beautiful harmony with Christ.

My heart for speaking is drenching the painful, hard, and difficult stuff of life in the hope, truth, and future that only  Christ gives.

Creativity is not a product of perfection or a fancy painting to hang on the wall, it’s relationship and intimacy with the creator. I adore reintroducing women to the vast creative space that exists within themselves. I have the privilege of making this introduction through devotionals woven together with art.

Together we’ll pursue this adventure of setting hearts free that have been held captive in cages of self-doubt and shame. We’ll skip out of past bondage into the flower-filled meadows of our futures.

Sandra Moss presented her training, Creative Strategies for Program Planning, in my senior level course for Program Planning and Implementation in Community and Public Health.

Sandra used art to help my students begin to think more creatively about how to address health issues. Sandra then helped the students develop deeper level critical thinking skills by tearing the model of a program down and building it back up with new concepts.

Sandra also helped students use “Creative Storytelling” about people to encourage students to think on a deeper more personal level about the people they serve.

The students were heavily engaged and completely enthralled by her presentation. I could see a new level of energy infused into them when she was finished.

Sandra’s training Creative Strategies for Program Planning was eye opening and has also helped me revisit the way that I engage students.

Heather Harmon, MPH, CHES

Associate Professor of Instruction and Program Coordinator of Community and Public Health undergraduate program, Ohio University