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I’m Sandy and this space is where I tackle all things color, design and mindfulness. I believe life and home should be bright, fun and healthy… and a little messy.

For me. THAT’S the

“The Subtle Art of Color”

The Purpose of Color in Our Lives

The Purpose of Color in Our Lives

The Purpose of Color The purpose of color is to communicate. Color tells us that brightly colored frog is super poisonous, the specific order of colored rings on a snake identifies it as poisonous or not AND which team on the field we want to cheer for. It also lets...


You’re here! YAY!!! Seriously. It would be NO fun writing if no one showed up to read it! But now YOU’RE here! Now we can start creating and painting and cooking and taking pictures! I’m so excited! This is living life by design. Putting the pieces together on purpose, curating those thoughts feelings and desires into the life you are created to live!

That’s where the fun is. The creating. Together. Honestly? I miss the creating and exploring together. What about you? Is that something that used to happen in your life but somehow got lost? It got lost in my life, too. I think that’s how I got lost and ended up living by default instead of by design. That’s why I created this space.  It’s a place for us to meet, share, create and cheer each other on as we find the design we were created for.

Just Keepin’ It Real!

You’re going to find lots of creating here. Some good. Some… prob not so good. Not gonna pretend otherwise.

Ok. Let’s do it! You will find tabs above that will take you to other pages and fun stuff. At the bottom of this page there is another menu that will give info on how to contact me… {please “Say Hello”!} and the latest news from the blog along with a nifty place to sign up for the newsletter. 

I hope you can drop in a bunch! Keep scrolling down so you can see some of the other fun things!