Happy Veterans Day! Blessings to all the amazing veterans and their families that served our country so valiantly!

Sunday’s Instagram Inspiration comes after a week of wild for me. If you make it to the end of this short post today you’ll know why! Let’s just dive in!!


A Grid with My Fave Colors!

Fall | Green Pumpkins | Hand lettering | Vegetable scale | www.sandykayemoss.com


Doreen, from Hymns and Verses has the most beautiful home! I guess I’m particularly smitten because she uses my fave colors! The forever perfect green, lovely grey, white and the perfect amount of black! This color palette is extremely soothing and inviting! I think we might be able to slip over and view her lovely space without disturbing her adorable fur baby, Sadie!


Instagram Inspiration and Adventure!

Paddle boards | Water | Lake | Treeline | Author | Artist | www.sandyakyemoss.com


Inspiration comes in lots of forms. THIS is one the best. Maria Brophy from Maria Brophy has the MOST inspiring and adventurous life, Y’all!! Seriously! Maria creates #allthebuzz for her husband Drew’s art biz. And I do mean ALL THE BIZ! The thing that I love about this grid and gal.. hmmm… grid and gal.. that may have to become a hashtag er… somthin!!! Anywho… Maria and her husband are both incredibly talented.  She taught herself the world of art marketing and then turned it on it’s EAR!! She did my fave thing… *learn the rules of the game then throw them in the trash*! Maria has the biggest heart. I mean huge. All this amazing info she learned and put into practice she now shares! She helps artists push through to their dreams with ACTUAL business info. Which is rare in the art world.. Usually, it’s all the woowoo stuff. NOPE! Not this gal. Biz plans. Info on techniques to work within this new economy and world of art. AND!!! She has written THE BEST BOOK with all this info. Yep. I’m reading it religiously. Not even kidding. Even if your not in the art biz you will want to peruse her grid. She serves all this up with the most amazing pics of their family adventures! Can you say Egypt?? Umm… yeah. Dream Life!


My Wild Week

Galvanized Art Tote | Canvas | Orange Flowers | Floral Painting | Sip and Paint | Art Studio |


Hi!! Looks like you got to the bottom! Congrats! My wild and crazy week.. well about 3 weeks now. I think. I will do an entire post on how this came about in a couple days. And just HOW does this apply to Instagram Inspiration? OR how a photo stopped my scroll. Well. When your scrolling through the pics and suddenly you recognize something. Like totally recognize it as in it’s YOUR picture! And you remember taking it. And WHY you took it but … still THERE IT IS! In YOUR feed.

Ummm… yeah. This pic was in my feed on Instagram and it’s mine. It wasn’t stolen or anything. It’s a photo from The Raven’s Palette- Art, Sip and Paint. I was kinda startled when I saw it. The Raven’s Palette is the new Instagram account I started for the business I JUST kinda fell into. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me when it came across my artist IG. But it did. I mean, the idea that I have a business?  An actual, total legit business. So. No this isn’t the most dramatic, breathtaking, scroll stopping photo. But it’s MY photo… of MY business… yikes! It’s kinda wild. I hope this INSPIRES YOU! Inspires you to KNOW you can do anything if you want to. Really want to.

Have a fab week!!!



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