This is exciting! Can I just tell you… THIS is exciting? Since about the first week of August my world has been nothing but exciting. NOT EVEN KIDDING!

I’ve been dropping little hints on social media for a couple months. We haven’t really officially announced yet.. and NO!!! I am NOT having a baby! We’re just not going there…mmm-kay! I’ll be working on sharing this info very soon.

What I can tell you is … drum roll please!! WE’VE MOVED! If you’ve been keeping up with us at all that makes three moves in nine years of marriage. What can I say? We love adventure!

OKAY! Now that that’s semi-outta the way. Let’s get on to fun stuff!

The art guild in this new town is filled with fun, creative, exciting, and seriously talented artists! Meetings are packed with laughter, info and ya know, art biz stuff. The last meeting I attended had a member of the guild sharing her sculpture techniques. Honestly. This was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. She is totally out of the stuffy ol’ art box! Here let me show you!

Here she is!! Meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parks

Elizabeth is one of those amazing people that if you give her a piece of leather, three boards, a couple hair pins and an hour she will have constructed an exact replica of the Sistine Chapel! No joke! Along with furnishing it and having a splendid meal on the table, that she has grown in her own garden no less!  *ok. I might be embellishing just a tad*

The point is, the woman has got MAD skills and not just in art. Elizabeth has worked in the nursing field and she actually coaxes a prolific garden from the earth! She tells me she uses her personal experiences to draw from when creating. She has the amazing ability to see clearly the smallest details and convey them in her work. Bird feathers, buffalo fur, even the “feel” of a subject are captured in her work.

Elizabeth’s sculptures and paintings are created predominantly in the still of winter. While the garden sleeps Elizabeth gets busy creating “life” through art. She is a problem solver by nature and refuses to be derailed from her endeavors. If a specific art medium or tool is not available to her, she improvises. Creativity is not just about what she can make with her hands but also the raw, unusual materials she decides to use.

Numerous awards and accolades have come to Elizabeth over the years. No surprise there!  Her work can be found in area businesses and homes across the state. After meeting Elizabeth, though, I can tell you she has a beautiful heart and quiet demeanor. Her art is simply the visual representation of her lovely spirit. Members of the guild are quick to share “While Elizabeth’s art and creativity are quite stunning… It’s her ‘charm and humility’ that is the foundation of her art.”

I am so thrilled Elizabeth agreed to chat with me. Honestly? I implored… ok, I asked kinda nicely… if she would stay and let me ask her questions about her work. She is the best. She hung around after the guild meeting to tell me all this cool stuff! I’m pretty sure she was ready to be home after sharing all the details of creating sculpture with the guild members.

Elizabeth! Thanks so much for letting me share your awesomeness on this space on the web! 








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