Hi!!! Creatives and Seekers!!

I’m Sandy!

I author this blog…Sandy Kaye Moss… where I share my heart and passions. Yep, this is a part of my full time job. I create the content, the art, the photographs, recipes… pretty much all of it. I don’t juggle littles at home anymore just one little dog and the hubby. Creating content and art for this site and my shop while creating online classes and teaching in person is a huge blessing in my life. I want to honor this blessing I have been given and provide a bit of peace of mind for you.


I want to be super duper “legal” with this blogging stuff and that means I need to tell ya couple things! The FTC mandates I tell ya I have affiliate links on the blog. Basically, this means when I tell ya about a product or something I use and give you a link where you can purchase it, the link allows me to receive a small percentage of commission at no extra cost to you.

At this time I use affiliate links with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. I will list other affiliates I participate in if I decide to branch out!


When you choose to share your email address with me… it stays with me! I’m not sharing it! No way, no how. That’s just rude! When you share info with me or I ask for info for a fun questionnaire to be filled out I’m not sharing that either. Considering I live 5 minutes from Fort Knox… You can consider your info stored as if it were in the GOLD VAULT itself!!! Seriously! And another lil thing.. I’m not gonna spam ya…ok that just sounds weird, cuz I just pictured a can of SPAM in my head when I wrote that.. YEESH!!! I won’t send ya that either. 

I want us to have fun. To be silly. To create art and relationships!! And to know this is a place to grow and experience trust and integrity!  If you have any questions or concerns email me at    sandy at sandykayemoss dot com