The Very First Coloring Page!

The Very First Coloring Page!

So exciting!!!! I have wanted to do this FOR*EEVA!!!! And nOI AM! 

Here’s the plan! I’mma post a new colorin page every Monday.. just for you! Down load that baby and use it to propel yourself into a bright beautiful week! Here ya go!  *I haven’t even gotten to color this one yet!*  


AND… If you would like exclusive coloring pages delivered to your inbox weekly JUST to brighten it up give a click right here!  Otherwise, meet me here next Monday for another freebie! Yep! That’s the opportunity for TWO coloring pages a week! 

Instagram Sunday – Time Out for Inspiration

Instagram Sunday – Time Out for Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration really needs to show up today! I think the list for this week is a mile long every single day. Thankfully, the sun popped out today cuz the rest of the week is totally threatening to rain. I may need to camp out daily in Instagram!

Anywho!!! Today’s lineup is full of color! And charm! Take a look!!


Nicole fills her Insta Gallery, Making It Lovely, with these gorgeous pics of the home they are creating. You cannot help but be inspired by all her ninja-design-skills. Nicole’s Insta stories are just blooming with killer fabrics and home finds. This pic, especially, is one of my faves! Really. Take a look at her feed and then hop over to her blog and scope out her sweet space!


I found Angelika’s Instagram gallery as I was searching IG for photos. Goodness she creates the most enchanting images! The children are unbelievably beautiful as well as the settings. Angelika’s photos just draw you into a different time and space. She created an amazing series based on Peter Pan. Drift through her gallery and enjoy a magical get away!


I could not wait to introduce this creative gal to you! Janette Lane. This girl.. Oh. My. Word. The sweetest thing. She is the creator/founder of Pocket Letters. Just came up with it on her own, Ya’ll! My heart is all like… YES!! She pulls pieces of this and that, bits and bobs, sparkle and shine and puts it all together. Pocket Letters have gone completely wild. It’s like scrap booking on steroids except your not using photos perse. You send these lil pages of joy to friends and pen pals. Ok. Seriously. I’m just gonna hush so you can run see her gallery!


And now!! Bring on the chickens! Sarah Hudock creates these attitude struttin, adorable chickens. Sarah’s imagination and artistic talent breathe life into the feathers of some of the cutest lil birds you have ever seen! Hang out on her IG for a bit and then start poking round the net. Quite a few of these chickens have flown the coop and landed on fabrics, calendars and tin signs! 


I think I’m ready to start the week now. Maybe.  A bit of inspiration. A bit of sweet tea. And some sun. Alrighty then! Let’s get to Monday!

Dream Chasing and Why It Won’t Get You Anywhere

Dream Chasing and Why It Won’t Get You Anywhere

 Dream Chasing and Why It Won't Get You Anywhere. Yep. I said It. Your life is waiting for you to grab those dreams, pull them outta stardust land and wrangle them into reality. You CAN live your life by design and not default.

Don’t follow your dreams.

There. I said it.

Shocking right? Especially, from me. I’m always all about, Dream big! Go for it! Build bigger than you are!

Yeah. Well…

Your dreams aren’t going anywhere- unless you do.

We act like and believe our dreams are these bits of stardust streaking across the night sky, waving at us to follow them. We think “Oh! We should chase this glimpse of glitter and it’s gonna to take us to a new amazing universe.” Unicorns! Rainbows! The whole Shebang!

Umm. Yeah. A dream is only a dream.. Seriously? We get caught up in the romance of it all. The poetic story line of love, won or lost- the bittersweet emotion of dreams unfulfilled or never attempted- plopped on the curb waiting for the trash truck cuz we never explored them.

A dream is only a glitzy, sparkly thought  dressed up in  “what if stilettos”.

It’s not going anywhere *especially in those shoes! . It’s not reality.

Dream Chasing and Why It Won't Get You Anywhere. Yep. I said It. Your life is waiting for you to grab those dreams, pull them outta stardust land and wrangle them into reality. You CAN live your life by design and not default.

Is it recurring? Yep. Like teenage acne.

Is it nagging? Remember your mom? “You need to practice piano!” That kind of nagging!

Is it going to let ya to catch it? Nah. It’s gonna laugh at you when ya try. Because IT is not tangible. It’s a glimpse of what could happen. A peek at a desire that could become reality.

But, it does not exist. Sorry to rip all the magical fairy dust from the moonbeams you may have been riding on. I know… This is like the massive, over the handle bars crash at the bottom of the hill on the gravel covered road to rainbows and happy endings.

Follow your dreams! Chase your dreams! Nope, these cliches have nothing to do with actually making a difference in someone’s life- YOUR life. And I can tell ya it takes perseverance, hard work, ingenuity and time.


“Chasing a dream” is your exclusive, gold embossed invitation for excuses to move right in, get comfortable and hog all the cheetos!.

You want a quick trip to excuse land? You got it! Focus on chasing a dream. All the “I can’t because” reasons bubble up immediately. “I’m too old- too young- too poor- too sick- too busy… on and on.. The “If only’s” are draggin’ in right behind, invading your supposed reality with a vengeance- If only I were…  If only I had… If only I didn’t have…

 Dream Chasing

The chasing of the dream is living in the middle of a perception of what you think it would be like for the dream to come true. Not working in reality, daily putting the pedal to the medal to accomplish more, do more, become more, means you don’t have to be responsible to make anything happen. Perception is the thief of your future. That sneaky dude robs you of the now while keeping your future just out of reach.

Dream Chasing and Why It Won't Get You Anywhere. Yep. I said It. Your life is waiting for you to grab those dreams, pull them outta stardust land and wrangle them into reality. You CAN live your life by design and not default.

SO! Yep, you can sit and chase that dream every minute in the cubicle at your job, behind the counter at your sales position or while your doin’ dishes. You’re no closer to changing your reality there than you are your dream. Dreams are not reality. They are ideas you never have to act on cuz they live in your head- rent free. There’s nothing compelling or forcing you to take that dream to fruition- its JUST a dream.

Going to work is not a dream. It’s reality. It’s reality to want a roof over your head, and food to eat and maybe some clothes to wear. When you stop looking at your dreams as pie in the sky- someday stardust and actually invest the time and effort into the idea… you’re no longer chasing a dream. Your creating a reality. Your living your life by design. 

Don’t chase your dreams. Create your reality that was sparked by a dream.

Instagram Sunday- Finding Insta-spiration!

Instagram Sunday- Finding Insta-spiration!

Instagram Sunday- Finding Insta-spiration


Sunday can be one of the most inspiring days of the week! Afternoons especially! Its just a great creative boost to find a sunny spot and dive into Pinterest, Instargram or some yummy magazines!

SO!! Find your sunny spot, settle in and we can share some of the enticing Instagram galleries we follow! I’m sharing a few that I either read their blogs pretty consistently and/or follow on IG.

I have this little part of me that would really like to live on a farm again. I would plant a garden and raise critters and wear a really cute apron to gather eggs! And. That is not happening right now. BUT! My dear friend Chris at Joybilee Farm is ALL homestead and DiY amazingness! She sends out lots of help with cooking from scratch, animal raising, all natural remedies AND is a published author!


Can I just say Cyndi Spivey at Grace and Beauty Style is pretty much the cutest thing on Instagram? Plus! The woman KNOWS style! I love tuning in to see what she’s up to and what amazing pieces she has so casually married. Cyndi is always in the middle of the latest trends and how to interpret those trends in a classy, upbeat story. She places as much emphasis on what is being worn in the heart as she does what is used for adornment. Seriously… Ya’ll Run have a peek! I know you will be encouraged!



Bright colors. A little bit quirky. A dash of thrifted treasures. How do you resist? Boho dreams are made of this and let me tell ya!!! Amber Shirley @ambsadventures has the boho vibe dancing all over her glorious home! Every. Single. Photo. Girl has got some MAD design skills! I mean there is much to take in and yet she’s designed it with such an open and fresh touch! I’ma need to just hang out on her IG a bit. Maybe ya could bring some sweet tea and I’ll meet ya there!



Did you ever think when you were a child that adults played with stickers? Coloring was def for children unless mom sat down to color with me for a few minutes. I never dreamed when I grew up adults would obsess over stickers, coloring books, paperdolls and all sorts of little “toys”. Of course, now, it’s an entire craft and entertainment industry! And I am so glad!! Which brings me to this lovely lady and her precious creations. Amy puts her creative genius through the magic pinkalious cloud and brings sweet planner goodies to life! I feel like every time I look at Amy J Delightful’s IG gallery I’m going to gain a few pounds! I mean, just LOOK at all that frothy adorableness!  Seriously! Her name just fluffs cuteness!! “Delightful” for heavens sake!! ~sigh Just so charming!


you can find Amy on instagram at amyjdelightful . Can you even stand how darling this is? LOOK at all that frothy adorableness! Seriously! Her name just fluffs cuteness!! "Delightful" for heavens sake!! ~sigh Just so charming!


Ok! Your turn! What Instagram galleries are you loving? Oh!! Let’s make this easy! Hop over to IG and tag me in your fave galleries! I am always excited to find new friends on IG and hey! Maybe you have an awesome IG you would like me to share. Just let me know  here on my Instagram account!

Big hugs and thanks to Chris, Cyndi, Amber and Amy for allowing me to share their gorgeous galleries!