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Instagram Sunday – Time Out for Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration really needs to show up today! I think the list for this week is a mile long every single day. Thankfully, the sun popped out today cuz the rest of the week is totally threatening to rain. I may need to camp out daily in Instagram! Anywho!!!...

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Time. Designing a Flat Lay on Life

Time. The one thing in the universe we cannot master, manipulate or create. Ok, well, I'm sure there's other stuff that falls into those categories. When it comes to living your life by design you gotta acknowledge the things you have some amount of control over. Yep,...

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Buckeye Butterfly

The Buckeye Butterfly seems to be completely fitting considering I live in the Buckeye State! How funny is that! In fact, I didn't have a clue what buckeyes was. A few years ago, my dear Father in law gave me a handful. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift, really....

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Instagram Sunday- Finding Insta-spiration!

  Sunday can be one of the most inspiring days of the week! Afternoons especially! Its just a great creative boost to find a sunny spot and dive into Pinterest, Instargram or some yummy magazines! SO!! Find your sunny spot, settle in and we can share some of the...

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Peters’ Rooster

    And then there's Peter... and a rooster. You remember Peter, right? The quick tempered, all action, run head first into everything disciple... Yeah, THAT  Peter. His story is one of pushing and falling. Faith and fear. Extravagant devotion and total...

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She Believed

Have you ever wonder just what your doing here? Asked if there isn't something more, something bigger you were created for? Maybe you have heard the promises of just "believe in yourself" and your life will magically change into a fairy tale. Well, hold on to your...

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Grace on Canvas

Coming soon! Check back often this is a class you will love! We will paint out the truth that is you! Remove the lies and misconceptions you have been lead to believe about yourself and frame your self image in HIS loving grace.

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Flat Lay Friday – A Few Pretty Things

  So I need to start here. If you have spent any time at all on the internet or if you have an Instagram account you have prob seen a photography phenom called a “Flat Lay”. If you are thinking ... yeah, she’s lost it… I won’t argue with you on that, BUT. A Flat...

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           HEY! I’m Sandy!

What’s your favorite way to  create? Mine is definitely       to create on purpose!  Perfect is HIGHLY overrated!  That’s what you’ll find  here, lots of life designed  on purpose and not much  perfect.

And art. There’s gonna be  art!