Art for brain health! Just 12 minutes a day.



12 Minute Art Mindfulness uses art as a tool to experience awareness of our thoughts, surroundings and feelings. A simple art practice with crayons or markers and paper helps the brain to slow down. Certain chemicals in the brain diminish allowing a space of calm… flow… to be embraced when art is being explored.

A 12 minute practice seems to keep the judging inner critic and negative voices at bay. 12 minutes is not long enough to be concerned with any form of technical achievement. However, it offers just enough time to find harmony with color and rhythmic movement.

This video shows a simple circular movement with varying colors chosen randomly.



If you have crayons, markers, even sharpies you can begin a quick 12 Minute Art Mindfulness Practice. It doesn’t have to be expensive or require a load of art supplies.

Sometimes the best place and time to start is at the kitchen table while the coffee brews. That way… the only thing brewing will be the coffee. 😉

I hope this video inspires you to breathe. To slow down. And… to take a moment to be present.


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